19 Telltale Signs A Guy Is Really Into You

1. He goes out of his way to talk to you, and always responds in a timely manner to your messages, calls, or texts.

2. He doesn’t do that weird disappearing act where he’s just suddenly unavailable and disinterested in seeing you, and doesn’t explain himself at all until the next time he decides he wants to see you.

3. He actually proposes things for the two of you to do, instead of just waiting for “hangouts” to happen that are basically just code for sex.

4. His whole demeanor improves noticeably when you’re around — if he’s usually a little on the bro-y side with his friends, he tones down his stupid humor and actually tries to make a good impression with you.

5. You get the impression right off the bat that he wants to make you a part of his group. You never feel like you’re pushing when you are around his friends or present during his daily activities.

6. He “likes” a lot of your stuff on Facebook, especially things from a long enough time ago that he had to go looking for it.

7. Your friends get a good vibe off of him, and never have to give you that speech about how “we just don’t want to see you get hurt again.”

8. The morning after, not only does he want you to stay with him, but he’ll make breakfast for you (or at least go downstairs to get some if he doesn’t know how to use the kitchen). It’s all about you feeling comfortable.

9. His compliments are sincere and based on who you are as an individual, not just generic stuff about how pretty you are that anyone can say to anyone without really knowing them.

10. You catch him just looking at you, every now and again, during moments when he thinks you won’t notice — usually during the “boring” moments, like watching a movie together or just lying in bed.

11. He always makes an effort to be closer to you when you’re together, touching your shoulder or your hip, showing little signs of affection no matter what you’re doing.

12. He laughs at your jokes with the kind of throw-your-head-back belly laugh that only comes when you are really happy to be with someone. And he makes you laugh because you are so often on the same wavelength without even having to say a word.

13. He’s not afraid of a little PDA — he loves holding hands while walking down the street, and never makes you feel like he’s trying to push you to the side.

14. He looks for excuses to talk to you, to see you, to be closer to you, and to get to know more about you. And even though you know he intentionally forgot something at your apartment just so he could go back and get it, you play along because you don’t want to ruin the game.

15. Everything feels exciting when you’re together because you’re both so clearly interested and involved with whatever you’re doing. Just going out to dinner together feels like being on an amusement park ride.

16. He talks to his friends about you when you’re not there, and sometimes they’ll even tell you the great things he’s said.

17. He’s not afraid to do things that might typically be considered feminine or weak around you, and can’t help but be a fully-rounded human when you’re together because you make him feel like he can finally be himself.

18. He’s honest with you about his past, and what he’s looking for.

19. You never have to play that obnoxious/sometimes-attractive “hard-to-get” game where you’re never sure if you’re actually together or you’re just “seeing each other.” You know where you stand with him, and you don’t have to risk making a fool of yourself, because he’s not afraid to make the effort and the commitment to starting something real. With him, you can just tell. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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