19 Ways To Make Mornings Less Terrible

1. Spend a few minutes in the evening picking out a really good outfit — maybe even trying on a couple things — so you have something good planned. Because there is nothing worse than the feeling of slapping something on at the last minute and then hating the way you look all day.

2. Make some baked egg muffins so that you have them ready to pop in your bag when you walk out the door. Fill them with all your favorite herbs and cheeses and meats, for your own special taste sensation.

3. Make plans with a friend once a week to meet for breakfast before work or school. It will give you something to look forward to and a nice little relaxing experience before you start the day.

4. If you have an alarm sound that is one of your favorite songs, change it immediately. There is no reason to ruin that song for yourself for the rest of your life (and you will).

5. Get one of those coffee machines that you can set to a timer so that you can wake up to the delicious smell of coffee and the knowledge that you are only seconds away from the perfect cup.

6. Look up online how to time your sleep cycles to not wake yourself up during REM sleep. As soon as you feel yourself nodding off, set your alarm accordingly.

7. Drink chamomile tea and perhaps even take melatonin the evening before, if you have a time getting tired at the right time.

8. Set a small routine of stretching and perhaps even light exercise that you can do on the floor of your room. You don’t have to go out and run at the crack of dawn, but you can at least do something that gets your blood flowing and your brain more alert.

9. Treat yourself to one more “indulgent” breakfast per week. Make a routine so that whichever day is usually hardest for you, you have something special for yourself, from an omelette to a fresh pastry to pancakes. Even if you think it’s too “unhealthy,” keeping it in moderation will make it worth the calories.

10. Leave your blinds/curtains open at least a little bit, so that you don’t have to wake yourself in complete pitch blackness and then eventually blind yourself with a little bit of light.

11. Don’t hit snooze more than once, even if it means setting your alarm on the other side of the room and adding a really complicated math equation to turn it off.

12. Don’t worry about waking up extra early to go running if you already know you’re going to bail out at the last minute and feel like a failure. Just get the sleep.

13. Make an effort to be extra nice with everyone throughout your morning routine, even on public transportation. Be that person who smiles first and actually says “thank you.”

14. Leave a little tip for your barista, who has been up since 4:30.

15. Take enough time to read one or two positive news stories before you get out of bed, so you can go about your business on a positive note and feel like the world isn’t so bad after all.

16. When the weather is hot, make your own pitcher of iced lattes (with whatever flavor and milk you like) and keep them in your refrigerator to pour over some ice in a Nalgene and take with you. Save approximately one billion dollars per week.

17. Make sure you eat something, no matter what.

18. Let someone have your seat on public transportation who really needs it, and realize that standing up actually makes you feel more awake/alive/

19. Ask coworkers or cashiers how they are doing as you interact with them, and actually take the time to listen to their responses. Realize that you are on auto-pilot only if you allow yourself to be, and that mornings can actually be a great time to learn things about those around you. Shake off the cobwebs of indifference and be the best Bob Benson you can be. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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