It’s Time To Allow Yourself To Be Seen

The greatest thing you could ever do for yourself is to risk being seen.

Take all the beauty and the darkness that lives in your heart and turn it into art. Create magic through everything that has burned and saved you.

Change the world by changing the story you were told you had to fit into. Alter your present by altering how you think about yourself.

Choose to love the damaged parts of your soul as much as you love what glitters in the night. Embrace the tears that you’ve stitched together through resilience and self-compassion.

Bridge the gap between dreaming and awakening by simply deciding to show up for yourself every single day. Wake up from your faux nightmare that’s laced with fear and what ifs.

Stand tall in the moment that was meant for you and show the world how you want to be remembered. Show the world why your story deserves a place in history because you are the creator of your destiny.

Your voice was meant to be heard because it’s inked with truth and laced with strength. Your energy was meant to be shared because someone out there needs you.

Don’t feel the need to hold on to the parts of you that helped you get here simply because they feel like home. Allow yourself to evolve, and you’ll rise higher the moment you let go because you were always meant to change.

You were never meant to stay in one place. You were meant to spread your wings to fly and collect the dreams you’ve placed on countless stars. You were meant to do all of those things because you’ve already started to.

So stop hiding between corridors until the time seems just right. Stop feeling ashamed by sensing your heart beat between your bones. Stop listening to fear on the other side of the door you’re choosing to keep closed.

Stop keeping the world from your love and the magic at your fingertips that’s ready to change lives. Know that you have a purpose and a gift that this universe desperately needs.

Know that the person who you are today already has the power to make a difference and change the course of history. Know that you’re capable beyond measure and everything you’ve been through has already prepared you.

Surrender your limitations, befriend your doubts, and hug your inner child peeking from underneath the covers. There’s nothing to be afraid of except choosing to stay in the dark.

The only thing missing is turning on the light. The only thing lacking is you walking onto the stage of your life. The only thing left to do is allowing yourself to be seen.

I want you to know that I see you, and I can’t wait for the rest of the world to.