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Be Grateful For Who You Didn’t End Up With

Sometimes you have to thank God for who you didn’t end up with. For real. As painful as some splits and breakups can be, sometimes parting ways with someone for good who wasn’t all that great to begin with can be one of the best things that ever happens to you. Think about it.

How has your life changed or improved with that person no longer in it? They’re not around anymore to take up your space or your time. And for this, a celebration is in order.

Did they really treat you right or did they take you for granted? And did they bring more problems and stress than happiness? If so, be glad whatever you once had is now over. Because whoever you are no longer with isn’t your concern anymore. Whatever they have going on now is none of your business either. So move on. Please, just move on and enjoy celebrating and being grateful for who you didn’t end up with. You now have space and time to enjoy your life and create room to invite great people in it who can truly love, support, and appreciate you. I know you and whoever you were once with may have had some wonderful memories together. You know, those special ones you never forget. But just because you had special memories with someone doesn’t mean that person was meant to stay in your life forever. Often the person you want to be with isn’t who you need to be with anymore. They may not even deserve you or be what’s best for you. So move on and appreciate the fact that you dodged a major bullet and didn’t end up with someone who would have cluttered, complicated, and ruined your life. You deserve better – even if you don’t know it just yet. You don’t need anyone in your life who doesn’t treat you right, lies to you, or rarely keeps their word. Do you really want them back? Do you really want to be with someone who’s not completely over their ex, has control issues, maybe commitment issues, is a horrible communicator, and a huge pain in the butt? I don’t think so. So why not move on and be grateful?

If you’re reading this right now and have been considering going back to someone who wasn’t the best for you, I urge you to reconsider. Just give yourself some time before you make a decision. Back away from your smartphone. Stay out of the other person’s DMs. And don’t go snooping on their social media accounts either. Please don’t let this pandemic or loneliness get the best of you and lead you to make a decision you might regret. You are way too cool to be thirsty or desperate for someone else’s attention or affections who wasn’t and still isn’t right for you. There must have been a good reason things didn’t work out. Trust your instincts on this and don’t go back. Just ride things out and be grateful for who you didn’t end up with.

You’ll be glad you did.

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