Dear God, Thank You For The Things That Are Going Right

Dear God, Thank You For The Things That Are Going Right

God, I don’t have everything I want but I want to thank you for providing all that I need.

Some days I’m just not feeling it and I’m exhausted, frustrated, drained, discouraged, and depleted but I still want to thank you for the things that are going right.

Even when other things are going wrong.

Some days there’s so much pain, and bad news, and unfair and unjust things happening, both big and small, every single day in this world, but God, thank you for the things that are going right.

Sometimes I question you and get angry with you and wonder how you could allow certain things to go wrong, why you let bad things happen, and why you didn’t stop certain things from going down, but I still appreciate the things that are going right.

Thank you for another day of life and for allowing me to breathe to see another day.

Thank you for families.

Thank you for transportation.

Thank you for access to clean water.

Thank you for food on the table.

Thank you for random acts of kindness and showing us all that there are still some good people in this world.

Thank you for protection.

Thank you for safety.

Thank you for good health.

Thank you for employment and new options and fresh opportunities.

Thank you for dreams and goals to work for and towards.

Thank you for music.

Thank you for access to education in conventional and unconventional ways.

Thank you for diversity and those fighting for more of it.

Thank you for different cultures.

Thank you for art and museums.

Thank you for creativity.

Thank you for women’s rights.

Thank you for the friends that left. And thank you for the ones that stayed.

Thank you for income.

Thank you for beauty in all its different forms – in people, both inside and out, in nature, in living creatures, and in the little things we overlook and sometimes take for granted.

Thank you for second chances and opportunities to get things right again.

Thank you for broken hearts that have been healed… and the ones currently healing.

Thank you for fresh starts and new beginnings.

Thank you for books and access to libraries.

Thank you for writers.

Thank you for readers.

Thank you for faith and hope and the ability to believe.

Thank you for insight.

Thank you for imagination.

Even when things are rough, I still want to say thank you.

Thank you for the things that are going right.

Writer. Storyteller. Unconventional Believer.