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This Is Why Short-Term Relationship Breakups Hurt So Much

I know you’re hurting. I know you might have decided to read this article cuddled up in bed with tears streaming down your face. You desperately ransack the reasons behind the gaping hole in your heart. You continue to search for the reason why you feel so broken and destroyed. Your love was short-lived, like an unpredictable storm, a sudden bolt out of the blue. You never saw it coming, but it was a pain deep-rooted in the dream you aspired to come true, so it sent you into shock as you wondered if it was even real in the first place. Although he was there, hand and hand with you. It all felt so vivid and meaningful, but slowly, the memories became hazy and a blur. The pages of your love story began to burn and left the novel of your affair incinerated with what looked to be the first page as its last.

I know you can’t help but question if he is even worth it. Worth all your tears and worries. You can’t help but ask yourself, Is he worth the future you still hope to have with him? You might question your reasons for being so distraught and hollow. Let me tell you one thing: He’s not worth it. You’ve probably heard that from most of your close friends and loved ones, but let me tell you another: Just because the man you cared for isn’t worth your tears does not mean you are not allowed to feel heartache and pain. Because both you and I know it’s not about him. It is about the dream relationship you thought you finally procured and the love you know you deserve.

Most people think that long-term relationships have the hardest breakups. To have your pain validated, you must have pictures and memories to show for devotion. To be allowed to grieve, you need to have loved that person and spent countless hours of your life with them. Anybody who has gone through a short-term breakup will have to disagree. Because it is about your future and all the love you were ready to give. For some of you, it’s about the mornings you wake up to the empty spot beside you in bed; it’s about what could have been. It is about the feeling of butterflies in your stomach for the first time. You cry, not because of the boy, but because you deserve the chance to have those feelings stay. For others, it is about the unfairness around how such a loving heart always gets stepped on and broken. Regardless of how many times you cradle your heart, love always finds a way to seep through, only to tease you and leave you lonely when you finally thought you had the one.

Sweet girl, you are allowed to cry, and your feelings are more than validated. Because it is not about him, it’s about you. And let me tell you, you more than anyone deserve for your dreams to reach fruition.

So please, do not isolate your emotions and rid them of coming to the surface. Please know that it is okay to feel. Although right now you feel lost and heavy-hearted, there will come a day that love will creep its way into your life again.

All I ask is you embrace it with every breath you take, because one day, you will find love that lasts.