You Were My Everything, And Then You Weren’t

You were so familiar. It was your presence, the way you walked. I could recognize you at rush hour in New York city lights; I could find you in a sea of people because of the way you looked at me, always fixated and focused like you were staring up at the clouds in wonder.

We worked like gravity — we may have gone our separate ways, but we never went far. Love was a vine that intertwined us, wrapped around our ankles and impaling our hearts, our passion would flow down the vine however long because like gravity, my heart always led me back to you.

You were the ocean and I drowned myself in your presence.

Your voice was the waves, a sound so soothing it would vindicate a high choppy tide to remain shallow and at bay.

You were the sun, the way your touch sent shivers down my spine, a feeling so affectionate and warm. Waking up with you was like watching the sunrise — there was no better feeling in the world than having your arms around me, when I would look up at you smiling and see my future through your chocolate brown eyes.

You were my rock, so solid and strong. You were the umbrella that would catch all my tears, the one protecting me from the endless pain inflicted by my past. No one knew me as you did; no one else could tell how I felt just by studying my expression. I remember how you knew deep down that I would always love you indefinitely.

You were fire. I remember how your heart used to beat with passion and you yearned to forever be mine. Our love was ablaze, unable to be tamed, a flickering flame I thought would never die. I consumed you, embracing your heat, knowing damn well you would be the man to set my world on fire, only to leave and watch it burn.

You were my everything, and then you weren’t. A decision made so rashly and recklessly, so influenced and confused. I remember how you tore our world into hemispheres and banished me to hold my love for you captive, locked away in my mind.

You were here and now you’re gone, my oxygen taken away. Here I sit by the water, watching the sun reach the horizon and listening to the ocean waves, listening for the sound of your voice. I sit here trying to be my own source of strength. You broke me, yet I sit here with one single flame still ignited within my heart. A broken heart that beats for you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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Shaylee Logan

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