Be The Badass Today You Were Too Afraid To Be Yesterday

being a bad ass
Helga Weber

Today, be the badass girl you were too lazy to be yesterday.

Wake up at 5am, hours before your alarm usually sounds. Race out of bed because hey, you’re fucking alive and you should start celebrating the miracle in that alone. Get shit done. Read, journal, meditate, work on your side hustle – whatever lights you up from within and makes your soul smile. Let all your thoughts pour out of you. Make lists of your goals and dreams and all the places you’ve always wanted to explore but never have. And start making real plans to cross them off, one by one. Whip yourself up a banging breakfast. One of those smoothie bowls topped with pretty little flowers that looks too pretty to eat. Eggs whatever way you like them best. Or maybe French toast. Whichever one is going to be the most heavenly to eat and get you energised for your day. Blast out the song you can’t get out of your head right now and jump in the shower. Let the water stream over you, washing away your yesterday and invigorating your today. Moisturize. You know your 40 year old self is going to look back and thank you for it. But don’t see it as a time-sapping chore. Enjoy the act of nourishing your skin and the soothing, silky feeling of running your hands all over your beautiful body. Don’t rush this. Next, pick out your clothes for today. A gorgeous set of matching underwear for no reason other than it’s a regular Tuesday morning, and because you know how empowered and Goddess-like it will make you feel. On top goes your favourite outfit. Not necessarily the most expensive one or the newest one or the one you get the most compliments in. But the one that feels the most incredible to wear. I promise you’re worth all of this time and effort. Head out the door and drink in the world this morning. Glorious sunshine, pouring rain, flowers in bloom, birds flying overhead. All the wonderful things you let go unnoticed yesterday. Say hey to that cute stranger you pass on your way. Because you’re hot and worst case scenario is you won’t ever see him again. Don’t waste time with small talk. Ask the questions you really want answers to. Speak about the things you’re fiercely passionate about. Get to work. Find something to smile about. Anything. There are so many things. You’re alive. You have your health when so many don’t. You have rights and opportunities other women merely dream of. Work hard. Pour love and attention into every task that comes your way. It always shows. And if you still can’t find a reason to smile, create a life that will give you one. Change companies. Change careers. Move to the other side of the world and go find yourself if you must. Be sure to learn something new. Broaden your horizons. Try a kundalini yoga class. Go for a run even if you feel incredibly out of shape. Hike to the highest hill top in your town and watch the sun go down. Move your body, nurture your mind and honour your soul. Don’t waste your evening sinking watered down happy-hour cocktails with colleagues you don’t even like that much. Get dinner someplace quiet with people you truly love. Go home. Don’t switch the TV on. Call an old friend and catch up. Pour yourself a bubble bath. Add salts, essential oils, candles, rose petals and a glass of wine in hand. Relax. Let the day’s worries and pains melt away. Check in with yourself. List all the things you have to be grateful for today. There are so many things.

Do whatever you’ve gotta do to become the badass girl that lives inside you, kicking and screaming to be released.

All of the things you keep on telling yourself you should do or will do tomorrow.

Do them today.

Do it all over again tomorrow. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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