There’s A Town In Kentucky That You Won’t Ever Be Able To Find On A Map, And For Good Reason

In my report to the deputy, I mentioned all the bodies I found down in the schoolhouse. He would later tell me they recovered 16 skeletons and one corpse that had been there for just a few years. The county board voted to demolish the town shortly thereafter. It was all kept hush-hush. Elsewhere Road was tilled with a backhoe after the remaining buildings were bulldozed and the cellar of the schoolhouse filled with concrete. I went back out there one last time just to make sure it was gone and I didn’t make it five feet toward the treeline before a deputy sheriff flashed his lights and told me to get back in my car.

Katie won’t talk to me anymore. Last I saw her she pretended she didn’t see me and scurried away. Of all of the things that I experienced in that town, I regret not grabbing my cellphone. I had some pretty decent pictures. There’s no record of Elsewhere, Kentucky. Now, there’s nothing left of the town. I haven’t been back and from the way the county has been handling it, I don’t think there is anything to go back to.

But just in case…

Don’t go to Elsewhere, Kentucky.


Seamus Coffey is a construction worker and author.

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