15 Guys On How Much Weight Their Girlfriends Would Have To Gain Before They Stopped Getting Hard

Photography by Craig Maltby
Photography by Craig Maltby


“To be honest, it’s not even a valid question for me. We’d break up long before it ever came to that.”


“Pounds and my dick’s ability to get hard are unrelated. Your premise is flawed and guys who respond to this are wankers.”


“Weight and sexuality are not related. Girls who are two lean lose their femininity. They get a sharpness/angularity to their features, which is not as feminine.”


“Somewhere between 1 and 300.”


“It’s not a pounds thing. It’s a how do they look thing.”


“My immediate response is that if I met someone who is hot and THEN they put on the weight, I don’t think I’d ever not be able to get hard since any girl trying to give me a blowjob would do the trick. I may be uncomfortable with the gain but would still be able to fuck her.”


“I can’t be involved in this. Surely there is a limit but I can’t perpetuate the intense and depressing pressure put on women to be perfect. To be honest and serious for one moment, I am saddened by the image women are expected to live up to and their sadness when they do not achieve the close to impossibility. The damage done to women is appalling.”


“As soon as she starts to remind me of my mother… my boner becomes a loner.”


“I’d say a 25% gain. All these things are relative. A 20 pound gain on a 4 foot girl looks way different than 20 pound gain on a 6 foot girl.”


“Hmm. My wife is 5’2″ and 108. The fattest woman I ever slept with was the same height and 160; I could get hard for a woman when I was 23 and ready to screw everything in sight, but it would be tough to do the same at 33. At the same time, a thick, fluffy build somewhere between that (think Kim Kardashian, only maybe a little softer) is not unattractive. I think my wife would probably have to gain about forty pounds or so before I’d really find her unattractive, but lucky for me that’s about as likely as snow falling in Singapore.”


“Off the top of my head, I can’t imagine not getting hard with any of my past girlfriends. They were all sexy, smart, funny, interesting, and erotic in just the way that I like….but the answer is 50 pounds.”


“I’m not sure how great of a question that is really. I’m a man, and I can get hard if I look at my Christmas tree the right way. Any guy that tells you differently is lying. You can get hard without being attracted to the person.”


“I like curvy/fat chicks so she’d have to get pretty big for me not to get hard.”


“Honestly couldn’t answer because love would overshadow her big shadow.”


“I would really need to sleep with a fat girl then a super fat girl in my attempt at finding a good number, but that’s some research I’m not sure I could eat, or swallow, or spit…..” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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