10 Things I’ll Miss About Dating A Billionaire (And 5 Things I Won’t Miss)

Photo provided by Sarah Miller
Photo provided by Sarah Miller
  1. Flying private – Ever wonder what it’s like to not have to go through airport security? Well, it’s fucking awesome.
  2. Black Amex privileges – Have you ever wished you could have an entire store stay open after hours so you could shop, upgrade to first class for free, get tickets to any sold-out show, or get reservations in ANY restaurant at a moment’s notice?
  3. Unlimited Whole Foods – What does a billionaire get his girlfriend for Valentine’s Day? Anything she wants. I picked having his card put on file at Whole Foods.
  4. The best medical care money can buy – Dentist, plastic surgery, and family doctors who don’t even accept insurance. It offers a sense of security I’d never be able to describe.
  5. $36 million views – When you build the building you live in, you can bet that your view will be nothing short of stellar.
  6. Shopping sprees at any store you wish – Bloomingdales has about seven floors. But they don’t deliver, so you can only buy as much as you can carry. (You’ll make that mistake only once. Trust me.)
  7. $10,000 a month to invest – What does a billionaire get his girlfriend for her birthday? He gets her $10,000 a month (for one year) to invest in stocks for her future.
  8. Free apartment on Fifth Avenue – The girlfriend of a billionaire has one job and one job only: to make sure he is happy. You can’t be bothered with rent.
  9. The ability to live out any of your dreams – The chance to go to any school or any country you want to. If you dream it, he can make it happen.
  10. Protection and security – Being with someone who has large amounts of money can provide a calming sense of security.

And the things you give up that you won’t miss?

  1. The feeling that you’re constantly making terrible economic choices – When there is no opportunity cost attached to the money you are spending, you end up buying a ton of shit that you don’t even like (or need). Just because you can.
  2. Growing more and more isolated from society – When you’re in such a unique situation its hard to find people you can relate to.
  3. The pressure to be, act, and look perfect – People with lots of money have high expectations and they expect you to meet them. You can let this inspire you or burden you.
  4. The constant fear he will grow tired of you – When someone has you addicted to easy money, you know there is always a chance you may need to drastically change your life style at any moment and it can suck the fun out of everything.
  5. The longing for a true, real, loving relationship – When you’re in a superficial relationship, there is no amount of lobster or designer purses that can fill the void of genuine romantic love. Thought Catalog Logo Mark
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