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Don’t Wait Up For Them, Darling

Your heart is bursting with love, kindness, and understanding, and by giving it to somebody who doesn’t appreciate you, you’re giving parts of you to the wrong person.

Yes, I’m sure they care. Yes, I’m sure they think about you too. But why is it every time you see or speak to them again, when they leave, you’re left doubting you?

Don’t wait up for someone who wouldn’t wait up for you, someone who only converses with you when their other options have things to do.

Those late nights with itchy eyes, heavy eyelids, and ongoing doubts are a recurring theme that holds such destructive power over your life.

You are worth more than excuses, distractions, and obvious lies.

Each time you go back to meet them at their level, you’re backtracking for no reason. You’re telling them you agree with the way you’re treated.

You’re showing them the power they hold to control your moves and your thoughts. You’re showing them your likelihood to be manipulated by their words. To them, you’re making yourself out to need them more than they need you, even though that couldn’t be more false.

But each time you set your boundaries, you set the standard and ensure your self-worth shines clearer. Without having to say anything, you send the message that you are deserving of respect on a level that’s much deeper.

Even though the reflection in the mirror will stay the same, the way you walk will change. Your smile will be slightly brighter than before. You’ll begin to appreciate yourself more and more.

You won’t be waiting around for them anymore; you’ll be out living and finding happiness among the world. You have magic to find instead of waiting around for a person who cannot reciprocate your energy. So darling, appreciate the lessons you’ve learned from this situation and go out there and make some amazing memories.

Author and poet writing about the dark and the light.

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