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10 Reasons To Open Your Arms To Change

So often we are taught to fear change. It makes us nervous; change is different, it’s unfamiliar. But change is good, it can be good. It’s a new start, a fresh moment, a time to evaluate who you are and who you want to become. Here are the reasons to open your arms to change:

1. It’s How You Grow

Change is a necessary part of life. After all, no one ever learns anything from a static lifestyle. Allow yourself to recognize that you will grow through this change. You will expand your understanding and your abilities.

2. It Can Be Exciting

Don’t get stuck in the idea that change is troublesome. While it is daunting, change can also be incredibly exciting. In life, change brings about newness. It welcomes an unexpected and fantastic thrill. Enjoy it, don’t fear it.

3. Change Is Ultimately For The Best

As hard as it sometimes seems, change usually brings about a certain clarity, appreciation, or mindfulness that you haven’t experienced before. Let yourself sink into this realization. Change is okay and you will be too.

4. Change Teaches You What You Miss Most

With change comes reflection. You start to think about all that you were and all that you had. Throughout this process, you will also start to realize what you miss most. Hold on to these thoughts and always remember how they made you feel.

5. It Gives You A New Perspective

With change you are granted a new perspective and life vision. It’s good to challenge your previously held beliefs. Don’t be complacent with what you ‘think’ you know. Change grants you a new perspective, take advantage of it.

6. Change Will Happen Whether You Want It To Or Not

Change is a innate part of life. It will happen whether you are ready for it or not. It’s better to go along with it than be dazed and left behind.

7. Change Shows You To Love Who You Are Becoming

One of the most empowering aspects of change is that you learn how to love who you are becoming. Throughout this transitional period, start to examine the ways you are changing. It’s paramount you learn to love who you were and who you going to be.

8. It’s A Fresh Start

The status quo can be so dull. Sometimes a fresh start is all you need. With a fresh start you can meet new people, explore a new place, and reinvent who you are.

9. It’ Healthy To Embrace The Uncertainty

Another tricky aspect of change is facing the uncertainty of it all. The past has already been written, but the future is so terrifyingly open. Yet, this isn’t a bad thing. Start to reinvent your mindset and accept this uncertainty.

10. You Will Be Better Because Of It

Know in your heart that you will be better because of this change. Love this change and love yourself. While change can be hard, you will experience things that will make you braver, wiser, and more self-sufficient. There is change all around you, go out and follow it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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