This Is Your Poem For 2018, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

a poem for each zodiac sign in 2018
God & Man


Asleep, you were a hundred years, but now your time has come. A bird reborn from ash and tears, phoenix – you have become.

This is your song, this is your chance to set the world aflame. While all scorches into the ground, you rise, emerge – not same.


Mother Nature’s at her best to feed you silver-spooned.

She offers up her ripest fruits, shoots down the sun, ropes up the moon – just to see you smile.

Repay her, thus, tend to the garden she planted in your heart.

Pull out the weeds, water the trees. This year’s a brand new start.


Between your bloodstained fingers, every eyelash prayer comes true. Is this the place where genies go to spin wishes into reality?

You’re full-speed ahead and take all prisoners. Stealing the shine from falling stars. Don’t burn too fast and you will surely make it far.


Spread your roots as high as they’ll grow until they touch the sky. Crush anything which dares to cut you off, darling, this story is yours to write. You’ll reach the end of the rainbow, if you stay long enough to fight.


The things you touch will either turn to dust or solid gold. But even if it were the latter, have you presence of mind? To share this gift to those who matter least to humankind.


The fleets of Troy sail rushing to place flowers at your feet. You may think you are unworthy, but trust in your own power. The earth itself will move mountains so you can reach what you desire.


A treasure chest is secretly buried beneath your collarbone. To unearth its hidden prize, give until you’ve nothing more. You’ll not only wind up richer, but also loved, adored.


Eat yourself from the inside out and find what lives inside. What do you see? Do you like it? Do you hate it? Can you recognize it?

Should you find a demon, then do not be distressed. Tame it and control it, lest you end up repossessed.


Life may seem like a nightmare you’ll be tempted to rewrite. You’ll sleep on the wrong side of the bed, but wake up on the right.

Hold fast despite the whirlwinds of emotion and drastic change. You’ll rest on a bed of clouds once you, at last, defeat the strange.


Give space for calm to thrive within you. May it sprout from your knees, to your gut, to your lungs until you exhale your anxieties.

Permit yourself to bloom like spring. This year, you deserve everything.


Tranquil as the ocean breeze, busy as a hurricane. Your genius lies in a fluidity to achieve what you must attain.

Beware, however, of your self-disbelief. Bet on yourself to dodge a certain grief.


Gods bend over backwards to please your inner child. Mere mortals stare in awe at you. You’ve made everyone beguiled!

No one doubts your skill to capture the flightiest of hearts. You’ve made surviving look easy. You’re a master of this art. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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