Your Pretty Little Liars Character, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


pretty little liars
Pretty Little Liars IMDB

“Where there’s smoke, there’s payback – A”

Aria is an artistic and courageous character who definitely dances to her own beat. However, like this fire sign, her magnetic personality is overshadowed by the fact she is impulsive, confrontational, and emotionally childish. She repeatedly throws her friends under the bus in order to save her own skin.

Her worst trait is that she doesn’t make the best decisions when under duress, and that she easily blows-up and acts out with rage.


pretty little liars
Pretty Little Liars IMDB

“The truth won’t set you free, bitches. I’m going to bury you with it. Kisses -A”

For someone who was born very wealthy, Ezra is down-to-earth and giving. He is also charming and classy, and spoils those he love. This may be why Aria fell hard for this American Literature major.

But behind the nice-guy facade is a domineering manipulator who stalked and dated teenagers to write a book about them. Mr. Fitz takes Taurus’ ambition and persistence to a new extreme.


pretty little liars
Pretty Liars IMDB


Bright, socially outgoing, charming, yet deadly. Mona Vanderwaal is the perfect Gemini.

With the original A, you’re never sure if you should trust her, but you love her anyway. And why wouldn’t you? No one plays the game better than this mastermind. Although Mona is impulsive and (somewhat) unsympathetic, she holds a tender, affectionate side which she reveals only to those she cares for and trusts.


pretty little liars
Little Liars IMDB

“Keep moving ladies. NoThing To see here. -A”

There’s no one more clingy and protective than Emily Fields.

Emily is so caring and attached, she will literally raise your babies as her own. Family is very important to her, and she will lie numerous times to not disappoint her parents. Overtime, though, her character became quite the moody complainer.


pretty little liars
Little Liars IMDB


Alison DiLaurentis is a true Leo. A natural-born leader, she is straightforward, confident, adventurous, and extroverted.

But like all leaders, Alison has weaknesses. She is ego-centric, vain, and possessive. She craves attention and fame, and won’t hesitate to destroy anyone standing in her way. At least she’s loyal (kind of)!

Just don’t believe her when she plays dead. She’s probably just doing it for the attention.


pretty little liars
Pretty Little Liars IMDB

“Check mate. -A”

Virgo is your typical workaholic, just like Spencer Hastings.

Self-disciplined, skilled, smart, and studious Spencer enjoys a challenge. Then again when she fails, she can be harshly critical towards herself.

Spencer likes to present herself as an analytical, calm, and collected girl, but inside she’s sensitive and fragile. Her ambitious personality makes her an easy -A target, because she will likely do whatever it takes to be on top (which is prime blackmailing material!)


pretty little liars
Pretty Little Liars IMDB

“Be careful, Hanna. I hear prison food makes you fat. -A”

Who better to represent this Venus-ruled sign than fashionable and pretty Hanna Marin?

Our ‘it’ girl is flirty, unprejudiced, and balanced. As a people-pleaser, she will bury her own problems in order to help others and appear happy herself, when she’s actually secretly being tortured by an anonymous bully. She will do whatever it takes to help others, even at her own expense.

Virgo’s laziness overshadows her street-smarts. Thus, people assume she’s just a ditzy dumb blonde.


pretty little liars
Pretty Little Liars IMDB

“Dying to know who I am? You’ll find out. -A”

Who knew this mysterious, reformed rebel would turn out to be the perfect boyfriend?

Caleb Rivers initially started as a quiet and solo jerk. He was kind of sketchy and always had his guard up. Fortunately, after some time, we got to see who he really is – a sensual, doting, level-headed partner, and a true friend.


pretty little liars
Pretty Little Liars IMDB

“Bitch can’t see you, but I do. Tonight’s the night I kill you. -A”

Inconsistent would be too kind of a word to describe Jenna Cavanaugh. One minute she’s a kick-ass disabled character trying to bring down -A, the next she’s a co-conspirator who molested and blackmailed her step-brother.

On the bright side, this diva is resourceful and out-spoken. She can also see (or smell?) through other people’s bullshit.


pretty little liars
Pretty Little Liars IMDB

“I told you: Dead girls can’t smile. Stop looking. -A”

Spencer’s big sis is no joke. No, seriously.

Melissa is as practical and prudent as it gets. Being the eldest child in the Hastings family, she is more responsible and wiser than her sibling. Despite her acquired class and success, Melissa is pessimistic, conceited, and overly cautious.


pretty little liars
Pretty Little Liars IMDB

“You’re mine now. Kisses – A”

Most people would describe Aquarius as an unconventional free-spirit. In a way, that’s what Charlotte/Cece/Charles is.

Highly clever and inventive, Charlotte/Cece/Charles tortured the girls for the most part of their young adulthood. Perhaps because once Aquarius sets a goal (even if that goal is psychologically tormenting human beings), they’re ruthless and unstoppable.


pretty little liars
Pretty Little Liars IMDB

“Bet you miss her every day. Kisses – A”

The opposite of his step-sister, Toby Cavanaugh is a cinnamon roll.

He is warm-hearted, altruistic, and unshakably loyal. With what he went through with Jenna, Alison, and other bullies, it’s understandable this outcast became delicate and emotionally scarred. In spite of this, he still pulls through as his loved ones’ protector.

Now if only he’d stop letting other people take advantage of him. TC mark


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