This Is Your Reminder To Let Your Experiences Teach You

This is your reminder to learn from what you went through. This is your reminder to allow your past to change you. It sounds so scary, right? It sounds almost artificial to change due to the things life put you through, but that’s how you grow.

Without pain, you cannot change. Without change, you cannot grow. And without growth, you will be stuck in the same pattern in life forever.

Change, good or bad, is necessary to flourish. Flowers don’t just start out in full bloom; they take the rain and the sun and turn them into something beautiful. Something so beautiful, people stop and stare to gasp in their presence. The same will be said of you if you face the struggles in your life and grant yourself the serenity and peace to accept the new you.

The most difficult parts of life, the frightening truths, are the experiences that teach us something. Your first heartbreak, losing a loved one, the moments when your heart feels shattered beyond repair — those are the defining moments of your life. Those are the days you find who you’re really meant to be.

If no one in your life did you wrong, you’d never know the power of forgiveness. If nobody ever broke your heart, you’d never know how capable you are of love; you’d never know the most beautiful things in life can lead to the most destructive.

The maturing you experience during the difficulties in life will be what shapes you into a better person. It’s necessary to hurt to learn to be kinder.

Remember that you have an option. You can allow the misery you’re dealt in life to harden you or soften you. You can turn cold to the world, refuse to feel the hurt again by closing yourself off, and give up. That’s the easy way, right? You could do that, but who wants to live in a world like that? A world where we can’t turn to each other, where we suffer in silence, alone in a world of millions?

Your other option is to open your heart to it, and feel the hurt. Really feel it. Let it cut you down to your soul, let it break you and burn you and destroy your heart. When it sounds like the hardest thing to do is when you need to most. Because the more the world chips away at your shell, the more ‘you’ you’ll become. Allow the hurt to change you, to soften you, to let the world see you at your most vulnerable. That’s when you’re the most beautiful.

Take what life gives you and turn it into something useful, something you can look back on in life and be proud of. Put your pride away, put away your fears and doubts, live with no regrets. You may not get what you want, but you’ll always get what you need.

Everything you do, do from love.

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