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If You Find Yourself In A Relationship Like This, Run

If you find yourself in a relationship where someone brings out the worst in you, don’t just walk away — run. Run before you lose yourself and turn into an awful person that you don’t even recognize. End it before it demolishes all the beautiful parts inside of you.

If you are stuck in a relationship where you feel like your spark got completely dimmed and you ended up drifting apart from who you truly are and what makes you glow and sparkle, then run. Leave before you lose it all. Leave before you start to despise your own self.

If you’re in a relationship where it leaves you feeling like you’re hard to love or makes you feel less of yourself, run. Leave before you lose your own love for yourself. Leave before you completely lose your self-confidence.

If you’re in a relationship where you think you can fix your partner and instead you realize that in the process of fixing them you’re sacrificing your own self, run. Leave before you can’t even find any parts left of you that are worth saving. Sometimes the most heroic act you can do is to just save yourself.  

Don’t leave yourself stuck in a relationship that makes you worse and more bitter. Don’t stay in a relationship that makes you love yourself any less or lose your belief or confidence in your own self. Don’t sacrifice yourself for anyone. This is not you quitting on something, this is you saving yourself.

Not everything in this life is fixable. Sometimes you need to assess what can be fixed and what you should get away from before it completely shatters you. Love is not an excuse to do all this to yourself. I have seen people tolerate awful relationships in the name of love — but this is something else. You can call it whatever you want, but don’t call it love. Love doesn’t make you a worse version of yourself. It doesn’t ruin your life and it doesn’t break you down or make you lose yourself. Sometimes the best and wisest thing you could do for your own self is to just run away.

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