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Sometimes Doing The Right Thing Can Be Heartbreaking

I could feel my chest tighten and my heartbeat racing; my hands were shaking and tears were starting to drip from my eyes. I can’t begin to describe how awful this moment felt — I had to pick up the phone and call the person I was in love with and end things between us.

I didn’t end it between us because I didn’t love him anymore; on the contrary, every ounce of me was very much in love with him, which made it even harder to do what I did. I wish we could have lost our feelings for each other or even hated each other, but this wasn’t the case. We were very much in love, but doing this was the right thing to do. And apparently, choosing to do the right thing can be one of the hardest decisions ever.

Doing the right thing is not easy — it’s heartbreaking sometimes — but you learn along the way that sometimes you have to collect every single bit of courage and strength inside of you to do it for your own sake, because you know better than not to. You realize that anything else you decide to do wouldn’t be right for you or your life. So, you make one of the hardest decisions ever, which is doing what is right for you and dealing with its consequences, even if it feels exactly like you broke your own heart. In reality, you were just looking after yourself, but in the moment it won’t feel this way. Because you were the one who pulled the trigger and you were the one who had full control over this decision.

I think many of us have been in this situation, in a way. You’re in the middle of something because it feels good and you love it, but deep down you know that it’s not right for you. You find yourself stuck in this dilemma of whether to leave or not — whether you should merely follow your feelings or listen to that voice inside of you that keeps telling you that this is not where you should be.

The thing about doing the right thing is that sometimes you just need to look at the bigger picture. You need to look beyond what’s right in front of you. Because if you concentrate on just the current moment and emotions, you will never be able to do what’s right for you, because your judgment will always be clouded by what you’re feeling at the moment. But In order to do what’s right, you need to look at the whole picture with a very wide perspective. You need to think of how what you’re in now is going to affect your future and ask yourself if this is something that you want.

You need to look at the things that happened in the relationship that messed it up so much and ask yourself whether you’ll be able to just get past them or not. You have to be brutally honest with yourself and not fool yourself into continuing in a relationship just because you love your partner too much to walk away when you know it’s a dead end.

Sometimes doing what’s right is not pretty or easy, but it’s necessary. Sometimes you have to think of yourself and not let your emotions fully lead you. Sometimes you need to look after yourself and choose what’s best for you even if it will break your heart. Sometimes you just need to learn to think very logically and put your feelings aside in order to know what exactly it is that you have to do.

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