For The Hearts That Are No Longer Broken

Joana Filipe
Joana Filipe

Wow. Look at you! Look how far you have come. There was a time where you didn’t think you would mend. You believed you would stay broken. You didn’t think you would heal. But here you are. You are so happy, you are so full. It is as if you are brand new. A stronger, more vibrant, and complete version of yourself.

You didn’t believe me at first when I told you time heals everything. You didn’t think you were strong. You doubted yourself. You thought you would never love again. You thought you would be stuck in that place. A place of darkness, of hurt, of sadness.

I’m glad you decided to listen to me. You opened yourself to love, you opened yourself to a new chapter. There are so many things that you have accomplished because of this. You chose love over fear. Though one love was lost, you knew you would love again. This time, you chose to love yourself. The most important love of all.

There was a time where you felt lost, broken, defeated. You felt yourself slipping, but you decided to pick yourself back up. You gathered the pieces of yourself that were scattered across the floor, stood up, dusted off your clothes, and started to walk forward.

You no longer look back, but are grateful for everything that came before you. Though the future is still uncertain, you do not allow fear to control you. You know that everything happened for a reason, and your journey is just as important as your destination. You are happy to be right where you are, right in this very moment. You are no longer lost, because you have found yourself.

I am so proud of you! For everything you have accomplished. For finding light, even in a dark place. For allowing yourself to let go. For allowing yourself to heal. For opening yourself to new opportunities, to the universe, and to love. Everything you have gone through, led you to where you are now.

And, where you are now, is exactly where you are meant to be. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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