Date Someone Who Doesn't Confuse You

Date Someone Who Doesn’t Confuse You

Date someone who doesn’t confuse you. Someone who doesn’t send you mixed messages, someone who remains as keen on date six, as they were on date one- someone who doesn’t only pursue you when they are desperate to discover the way your body curves beneath your clothes and the way a moan escapes your lips as their weight presses against you. Find someone just as eager to learn the way your mind drifts to faraway places and the books which keep you up at night. Find someone who doesn’t treat you like a sprint, but a marathon, someone who knows that you are worth so much more than a fling or a distraction, someone who wants to understand all of your layers, someone who wants to fall in love with your flaws.

Date someone who doesn’t cool off after you’ve slept together; someone who doesn’t make you feel like that’s all they ever wanted you for. Someone who doesn’t make you question the worth of your body, someone who doesn’t make you find fault in your beauty, someone who doesn’t pick away at insecurities you already have. Find someone who doesn’t start taking longer to reply to your text messages, someone who begins to leave you on read, someone who claims they’re suddenly “busy” when last week they were lighting up your phone. Find someone who doesn’t stop sending you ‘Goodnight’ texts or ‘Good Morning’ texts when those were the things which added some brightness to your day, find someone who doesn’t make you lie awake at night wondering where in the hell it all went wrong and what you could have done to stop it. Find someone who doesn’t make you blame yourself for their shitty treatment of you, find someone who knows they’re lucky you’re even interested in them, someone who knows a good thing when they almost have it.

Date someone who doesn’t make you feel stupid for calling them out on their behaviour, someone who makes you feel even more vulnerable for being vulnerable, someone who doesn’t claim you’re being needy and pushing them into something they so badly wanted only last week, someone who doesn’t make you feel desperate and irrational and unreasonable for reading into the thousands of signs they were dishing out, someone who called you ‘girlfriend material’ but now makes you feel like a one night stand or a temporary fix. Date someone who’s big enough to tell you when they aren’t interested in more, when their heart isn’t in it, someone who doesn’t want to lead you on and keep you on the back-burner just incase they don’t find someone else. Date someone who doesn’t make you lose yourself in trying to keep them, someone who doesn’t make you feel you need to send risqué photos so they realise what they’ve got, someone who doesn’t make you feel cheap when they don’t respond the way you want them to, someone who doesn’t make you hate yourself for thinking a photo could change their mind.

Date someone who is consistent, not only in how they feel but in how they treat you, date someone who knows that it isn’t just date one which matters, its every single date after that. Date someone who understands that communication is key and in this modern world, texting is sometimes all we have to bridge a gap, to keep things moving, to make us feel wanted. Date someone who knows what they want, someone who makes you feel special- every day, someone who can see a beautiful, magical thing when it’s in front of them. Someone who isn’t afraid of what you can offer, someone who is ready to be loved in ways they never thought possible.

Date someone who is worthy of you because you should not have to convince someone of your worth, because anyone is lucky to be wanted by you, because if he really is the one, he will continue to pursue you for the rest of his life.

And if he doesn’t,

Know you deserve better, know you are worth more, know you should wait until someone makes you feel as if you are the only girl in the world because you should be, to the right person, you will be.

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