20 Best Pieces Of Relationship Advice As Told By My Best Friends

20 Best Pieces Of Relationship Advice As Told By My Best Friends

1. Even if he doesn’t want you, you remain a wonderful, beautiful, intelligent woman still. You remain intact, even if he doesn’t choose you.

2. He’s not showing you ‘all men suck’, he’s showing you that he sucks and then you leave, and you find someone better.

3. You deserve a million times more and for your sanity and well-being, you gotta get out and find love again and find you again because you’ve been beaten down by him. And you will find you and you will feel so wonderful and so empowered, and so proud of yourself for getting through it and starting again.

4. Don’t let someone determine your happiness, don’t let someone have that power over you.

5. You’re the best he’s going ever going to get and if he can’t see that, you leave.

6. Just because your ex hurt you, doesn’t mean this one will too. You need to give him a chance and if he fucks it up, we’re going in on him.

7. Your expectations aren’t too high, he just can’t live up to them.

8. Ask yourself, is it worth it when it’s this hard? Love shouldn’t be hard, love is meant to bring you happiness, not exhaust you.

9. These are your sex and the city days; keep your options open, don’t settle.

10. It’s better to have a few amazing years with someone you love and who treats you right, than a lifetime with someone who makes you miserable.

11. You can’t predict what’s going to happen next month, next year, ten years from now. You just need to relax into it, see what happens and enjoy moments for what they are now, not ruin them with what could happen.

12. You can’t keep making assumptions about how someone feels or what their behaviour means, you just need to ask them. It’s so much easier than decoding everything and hurting yourself over something which may not even be true.

13. I know everything hurts right now and it feels like you won’t ever fall in love again, but you thought that the last time you got your heartbroken. There will always be someone else to love you; you’re just jumping into the unknown and that’s scary, but it’s also brave and who knows, you could end up finding the love of your life.

14. Not everyone needs to be the one, they can be “someone”- someone who teaches you a lesson and brings you closer to the “the right one”, and that’s okay.

15. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with setting boundaries and asking for better. If he can’t respect your boundaries and doesn’t want to make changes to make you happy and to improve the relationship, he isn’t worth it.

16. If a guy wanted to have sex on the first date, would he be labelled a “slut” or “easy”? No, he wouldn’t, so if you want to do it and you know you won’t regret it in the morning, go get yours, hun.

17. I think you need to ask yourself, do you like him or do you like the idea of him? Because there’s a big difference.

18. It doesn’t really matter if he’s telling the truth or not (which he probably isn’t), what matters is if you believe him because if you don’t, this isn’t going to work.

19. If someone loves you, they don’t tear you apart like that. They don’t use all of your insecurities against you to win an argument.

20. Maybe right now it isn’t the love of someone else that you need, it’s learning to love yourself, and to be happy and content on your own. Find yourself again, remind yourself what it is you really want and need in a partner, and then never settle for less than that ever again.

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