You Don't Need A McDreamy, You Need To Be Your Own Sun

You Don’t Need A McDreamy, You Need To Be Your Own Sun

Fearless girl, you don’t need a McDreamy. You don’t need someone to swoop in and save you. You don’t need a handsome man who promises you the world. You don’t need love to give your life meaning or make you feel worthy.

You don’t need to be dependent upon someone other than yourself; you don’t need to look to a man for constant validation. You don’t need your life to revolve around anyone other than yourself. You don’t need to feel incapable or like a damsel in distress so he will rush in and feed you the answers. You don’t need him to brush your hair behind your ear and kiss your nose and tell you what you already know about yourself but are too afraid to admit on your own.

You are strong, you are capable, you are empowered.

Sweet girl, you don’t need to believe the stuff romanticized television and movies tell you—finding the “perfect” person to complete you is not the be-all and end-all in this life. Finding someone to accept all of you and love all of you, even on your worst days, is not the journey you are meant to take. What matters is loving yourself, accepting yourself, and chasing the dreams that matter to you, the ones which are not dependent upon someone else’s wishes and ambitions. What matters is realizing that all of those answers which you are so desperately searching for in a tall, dark, charming man are already inside of you.

You are the answer.

Strong girl, you do not need a McDreamy, someone to pull you out of the water when you feel as if you are drowning. You do not need a man to hold your hand through the tough parts of life or be your light guiding you through the darkest times.

You do not need someone whose look alone makes you feel alive.

You can feel alive on your own. You can save yourself. You can be your own light, your own reason, your own hero.

You do not need your life to be about anyone other than you, you do not need to mold yourself to fit another person’s ideals. You do not need to change your plans or dim your light just so he doesn’t feel emasculated.

You do not need to prioritize anyone over yourself.

You do not need the big love story for your world to make sense, for your life to have importance or substance. You do not need romance, candle houses or Post-It vows, you do not need to exist as part of a pair, you do not need to halve yourself to be worthy or lovable.

Because you are the sun—you are bright enough and important enough on your own.

Your life should only ever be about you and what you want.

Fearless girl, please hear me when I tell you, you don’t need a McDreamy, you need to be your own sun. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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