Loving You Is Just Like The 4th Of July

Loving you is like sunshine, like blue skies without a cloud in sight, like those blissful days after months of rain. The days when all you want is to be outside, to feel the heat on your skin, to make daisy-chains with grass-stained knees and the wind in your hair.

Loving you is like the brightest, pinkest candyfloss, warm from the machine, fluffy like cotton wool. Kissing you is the sugar crystals still on my tongue, doughnut diamonds scattered on lips, leaving me wanting more.

Loving you is like fireworks erupting inside me whenever your name pops up on my phone, or I see your face after a long day at work, the same fireworks which exploded the first day we met, the ones which have lit up the darkest of skies. Loving you is like wonder, like laying in the back of a pick-up truck, how heads together, our bodies touching, watching the stars fill the emptiness. Loving you is like counting constellations, like finding hidden spots in crowded places, where we can just bask in the silence of being together, of not needing words, of only needing each other. Loving you is like your hand reaching out for mine in the quiet, like your cool fingers brushing against my palm, sending ripples throughout my entire body.

Loving you is like that first smell of a BBQ in the heat of summer. Like that first cold beer when you get home from a day spent in the sun. Loving you is like lashings of ketchup on a perfectly cooked burger, like pickles and melted cheese, like that feeling of absolute satisfaction but always craving more.

Loving you is like trumpets and all the colors of the rainbow. Loving you is like too much glitter on my skin, like my favorite red lipstick on a bare face. Loving you is like everyone moving in rhythm, like absolutely everything feeling in-sync. Loving you is like a parade throughout my whole body, like my heart pumping furiously, just to keep up. Loving you is like feeling alive, like dancing, like knowing all of the words to my favorite song. Loving you is electric.

Loving you is like my skin turning golden, like new freckles appearing, like old love being new again.

Loving you is like feeling ready to face the entire world alone but knowing I don’t have to. It’s like the empowering feeling of independence but being surrounded by those who love me the most, of the safety- net always being ready to catch me.

Loving you is like flying; the complete freedom to be who I am because you accept all of me because you want me to be in my most raw form because you don’t want me to keep parts of myself from you. Loving you is being proud to be who I am, to cherish even those moments which were painful, those which have left scars on my skin, those which have altered who I will become. Loving you is celebrating all of the parts of me I try to keep hidden from the world.

Loving you is like sparklers, even though it isn’t quite autumn yet, like ice-cream at three am, like fast-food when it isn’t “cheat day”, like a stampede of excitement coursing through my veins, like dancing bare feet in the middle of the road, when the tarmac is too hot but I’m having too much fun to care.

Loving you is like all of the best things crammed into one incredible day, every day, for always.

Loving you is just like the fourth of July. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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