You’re Going To Lose People (And It Won’t Be The End Of The World)

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Kendyle Nelsen

When I was in high school, I lost my clique within the span of 24 hours. I discovered they secretly despised me because I lost weight. Dumb, but hey, teenage girls can be assholes. And I remember thinking that was it, I had no one left. I had lost my people.

But the thing about people is there will always more of them. A whole world, in fact. You’ll find yourself somewhere else, somewhere new, somewhere where the people are different—they aren’t poisoned with high school drama or grudges, they don’t know the guys you used to date or about your emo phase, (at least not yet).They will take their time to get to know you, you’ll hang out, maybe get a few drinks and suddenly you’re on the dance floor together laughing as if you’ve been friends forever.

And before you know it, you’ll have another group of people, people from different cities, in different lines of work, with different interests. There will be people who bring out the sass in you, or the silliness, people who challenge you and support you and make you want to be better. There will be the people you call at 2am because you’re having an anxiety attack and the people who will drag you out of your bad-mood slump and make you put on your favourite dress and killer heels and forget your worries. There will be the people who turn up with a pizza and a crate of beer and the people who climb into your bed and watch Greys Anatomy on a loop without speaking a word.

And one day you will look back and realize that you are not limited to one set of people or one person.

Because you will not be for everyone.

Some people will be threatened by your ambition or will power or success, people who will be jealous of your life and the fact you always go after who and what you want. Some people just aren’t cut out to be there for you when you make the wrong decision or support you when no one else will.

Some people were never meant to be your people after all.

But sad and lovely girl, loneliness never lasts forever, not if you don’t let it. Just because they weren’t the people you thought they were, doesn’t mean others don’t exist.

There will be people that will love you no matter if you’re cranky or overly excited or keep rambling about something you’re really proud of. Those people will be the ones right beside you, holding a bottle of prosecco, ready to pull the party poppers. Your people celebrate you, the big achievements and the small because you are a part of them, because your achievements are theirs too.

They will cry with you when your heart breaks and hold you when you feel as if you are falling apart. They will supply you with every calorie you need to feel better and they will always be honest, even if you don’t want to hear it. Their words will never be unkind or malicious, even the painful ones will be fuelled by love.

Because some people are exactly who you need; some people come into your life and are there to stay for good. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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