You Are My Serendipity


I believe in fate.

I believe that the universe pushes two people together, draws you to the other half of yourself. And I believe that despite anything, despite everything, two people who are meant to be together, will find their way in the end.

I knew it from the moment I saw you, when my day was meant to start out one way but ended up leading me to you. There was this feeling deep down inside my gut which told me ‘this is it’ ‘he’s the one’. And I know that sounds cliche, I know it’s the kind of thing you hear in romantic movies and novels, but it was the truest thing I’ve ever known.

And it still is.

There were so many obstacles for us, and some days I felt like giving up. But my heart wouldn’t let me. I have never fought like that before, not for anyone. I have never felt so strongly about something, about a possibility and I didn’t care who told me to quit you. Who told me it would never work, who told me I was stupid for losing myself in fighting for you.

But I knew, some day, you’d turn up at my door. You would drop everything and just accept that this fire, this insane connection, it wasn’t going anywhere. It was more powerful than us.

And you did.

But despite the pain that came with it, those early days, where you were just the hot, charming guy at work and I was me, they’re some of my favourite to look back on. I remember the electricity which always flickered between us, the laughs we had. The way you’d tease me about things no one had even noticed before. And how you had this way of looking at me like you knew me better than anyone ever had or ever will.

Being with you, around you, or even hearing your voice, it was like this insane high that I never wanted to come down from.

When I was with you I felt like a different person, you saw the girl I’d wanted to be for my entire life. I wasn’t the girl who used to be chubby or quiet, or insecure, or shy, or a nerd. I was just me, this version of me.

You made time stop.

Those hours, or minutes, even, when you were so close I could smell your skin, and count the endless shades of blue in your eyes, everything else just stopped. The entire world ceased to exist, and it was just you and me. And the space between us.

My God, how I wanted to close that space.

How I wanted to feel your lips pressed to mine. I lost so many nights thinking of that, of you. Of the possibility of us.

It’s a beautiful story, the way we found each other. The way our love was a force greater than both of us, greater than anything which tried to push us apart. Even those around us could see it. When people found out about us they would say how they knew it would happen eventually. How much they loved watching us together, that they saw the way we looked at each other, the energy which ran between us.

How we were ‘just meant to be’.

And I would smile and say, ‘I know.’

And even now, after a year together, it’s still like those first weeks. I still get high off of your presence. I still crave your touch. I still believe that the universe had a plan for us, that even if it wasn’t now, we’d find each other eventually.

And one day, I’ll write a book about us, about the beautiful mess of our undeniable romance. I’ll tell the world how I lost myself in your eyes and how we fought for the way we old each other when we sleep. People will fall in love with how we fell in love and for years to come they’ll go crazy trying to find what we have. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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