10 Uncomfortable Milestones That Actually Mean You're On The Right Path In Life

10 Uncomfortable Milestones That Actually Mean You’re On The Right Path In Life

1. Desperately trying to find the perfect job.

And also to find your real passion. You are struggling to figure out what you really want to do in your life. You have the standards of your ideal job and you work hard to get it. You realize that an ordinary job is not sufficient, because you seek challenges and you want to be excited every day. For you, a job is not only for earning money, but also to make you feel alive and like you don’t need a vacation to escape.

2. Anxious about going broke or being in a bad place financially.

You fully realize that you can’t always rely on your parents and family to support your needs. Thus, you work hard to make a living and try your best not to be a burden for anyone. You start to count your expenses and make a priority list in order to be financially independent. You start to accept the fact that you don’t always need to go out each weekend because you want to save the money for your future.

3. Being suspicious of other people.

Because you know that you can’t trust everyone. Right now, you know exactly who has a sincere heart and vice versa. You’re brave enough to cut off some toxic relationships and it isn’t hard for you to choose the people you want to be friends with. You no longer buy people’s bullshit and you always say what you feel; you realize that you need less drama in your life.

4. Having your heart extremely and painfully broken.

You get to the point in your life where you realize that love will always be accompanied by the feeling of vulnerability. At first, those heart breaks will make you afraid to fall in love again. But as time goes by, you start to let things happen the way they should. You start to reduce your own expectations toward others and you acknowledge that a heart break will always be mended.

5. Questioning your spirituality and the universe.

You start to wonder about your purpose in life and you begin to think about exactly how the universe works. You know that karma does exist, you only get what you truly deserve, and you start to have your own beliefs toward some issues in life. You’re being critical and you don’t judge; you seek answers without blaming anyone because you fully realize that everyone has a right to choose what they believe.

6. Realizing that you have personal issues to be fixed.

And you realize that no one is perfect anyway. Thus, you will try your best to be better each day without pushing yourself too hard. You feel damaged, but you start to learn how to accept and love your own flaws. You know exactly that you are your own enemy and you start to control those toxic thoughts.

7. Being afraid to get out of your comfort zone.

You know that changes could be hard and you have to do it in order to grow as a person. Despite the fact that it’s hard and terrifying, you still look for new opportunities and chances. You realize that you will never be ready and trying those new things is the only way for you to be brave. You understand that you shouldn’t settle for less.

8. Admitting your mistakes and bad decisions.

Because that’s the only way for you to move on with your life. You start to forgive yourself and look for solutions instead of blaming someone else. You will feel stupid after admitting your bad decisions, but you feel relieved at the same time. You’re brave enough to apologize and you realize that an apology has nothing to do with pride; it’s actually the sign of maturity.

9. Feeling guilty because you put yourself first.

You will feel bad when you say ‘no’ to your friends, but you still do it anyway because you need to get all your things together. You begin to prioritize the people who you want to spend time with and you start being selective towards which things to attend. You understand that you can’t always please everyone and you start to notice that being self-centered is sometimes necessary.

10. Realizing that you are all alone.

You know that nobody could save you but yourself. As cliché as it sounds, you start to believe that you are your own hero since everyone is busy saving themselves. You can’t always rely on your significant other, parents, best friends, or neighbors and you accept the fact that you have to be independent first and foremost. You can handle everything by yourself but you always know where to go each time you need some emotional support.

At the end of the day, you are on the right path in life when you grow self-awareness within yourself and you fully realize that you’re probably doing fine based on your own internal time zone. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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