30 Milestones To Chase In Your Twenties That Have Nothing to Do With Getting Married


1. Travel to the road less traveled. Yes, those places which not only give you countless breathtaking views, but also thousand lessons to learn because you can interact with the local people and understand their local wisdom.

2. Not comparing your life to others. Because no one has a perfect life.

3. Finding out your passion. This might sound cliché, but it will change your life to find any job or hobby that makes you glad for being born in this world.

4. Conquering your fears. Have the courage to face the things that you’ve always avoided and you will be proud of yourself after doing that.

5. Getting a scholarship. You will absolutely make your family proud when you can get the Master or Doctoral Degree without spending any money in order to pursue it.

6. Falling in love without the fear of having a broken heart. Yes, that moment when you fully understand that falling in love will always be followed by being vulnerable; and you’re totally okay with that.

7. Facing failures with an open heart. You know exactly that when a door was closed, another door will be opened. And that faith makes you get up again every time you failed to get your dream jobs or facing rejections.

8. Studying abroad. New places to live, new faces to meet, new lessons to be understood; your 20s will be awesome by studying abroad.

9. Being ecstatic when your friends succeed. When you didn’t fake your smiles or attended their celebration with a heavy heart; that was exactly when your degree of maturity levels up.

10. Getting used to letting people go. You fully understand that the people in your 20s are temporary and letting go will not break your heart anymore.

11. Accepting disagreements with an open heart. You know that having different points of views is totally okay and you don’t have time to have cheesy or excessive drama over unimportant disagreements.

12. Exercising regularly. Because yes, having a strong commitment and determination to have those #bodygoals is extremely hard.

13. Being excited and informed about the current issues. You don’t have to know all the news; knowing trending topics in Twitter also counts.

14. Doing something new. Whether it’s cooking new recipes, going to work by a different route or even just Googling something that you don’t know; do anything that makes you learn something new.

15. Visiting your parents regularly. And having a quality time with them at least once in a month if possible.

16. Not being obsessed with Likes and Followers. Because being liked and getting friends on the internet won’t matter to you anymore.

17. Reading self-help books or going to the counselor without being ashamed. You know exactly that asking for help is not at all a sign of weakness and visiting a counselor is totally the same as visiting your dentist.

18. Volunteering. Whether it’s cleaning up the city park or teaching poor children; anything that helps other human beings will make you happy.

19. Telling your true feelings to the one you love. It doesn’t matter if it’s reciprocated or not, the thing is, you’ll be brave enough to be honest with the people you truly love the most.

20. Getting your voice to be heard. No matter how it happens, the point is you’re trying to be heard by others because, hell yeah, your voice matters!

21. Not denying when you’re sad or being stressed out. You fully understand that life is not always about that happy moment and you know exactly that pain demands to be felt.

22. Being calm when you get angry. And when you can think clearly again, you’ll try to explain as clearly as possible. Namaste.

23. Apologizing when you make mistakes. Not everyone is able to do this because their pride is bigger than their humanity.

24. Not being afraid of leaving a toxic relationship. Once you feel like someone is abusing you emotionally and disturbing your well-being, you’re not afraid of leaving.

25. Making something yourself that you could have purchased. Because, yes, you did those DIYs to decorate your apartment!

26. Appreciating the money that you’ve earned. You start to make your own financial plans and try not to buy something cute impulsively.

27. Finding out your true friends. You find those people who you don’t need to fake your smiles and they always make you feel at home.

28. Not being afraid of making the first move. Because, why not?

29. Staying calm over something that didn’t go as planned. You get to the point that life is totally unexpected and your motto change into “More hard work, but less expectation.”

30. You learn to leave regrets behind. Because you know that any decisions you’ve made were once something you really wanted, and looking back is not going to solve any problems. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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