Maybe All I Need Right Now Is Myself

When You Feel Like You’re Always Going To Miss The Past, Read This

Have you ever missed some moments so much it hurts?

On that lonely hour, you relive and rewind those sweet moments you have spent together with them; those crazy adventures of exploring some new places together, those midnight travels filled with giggles, those sleepovers until 3 a.m. deep conversations, and those nights when you sat in front of the bonfire and you can’t hear anything but the sounds of your loved ones talking and singing your favorite songs.

You will do anything to get those moments back. You will desperately look for distractions to prevent the hurt of accepting the changes in your life, simply because almost all the people you’ve loved either changed or gone. And no one to take the blame because you know that life works that way. You know exactly that a presence will be replaced by an absence, yet you will never be ready for the feeling you’ve got when the people you love are leaving your side.

Who said that you shouldn’t look back? I think it’s okay because remembering the past is the only thing you can do to keep those people alive deep down in your heart, isn’t? Even a photograph can make their voices linger in your mind, a song can make you remember their happy faces, and a place can make you really feel those moments.

But the truth is, most of the times, you don’t miss the people nor the moments; you miss your old selves instead.

More often than not, we misinterpret the empty feeling that we feel inside. Sometimes, when humans feel sad, they blame some external factors before they realize that actually, they are the ones who created the sadness itself; that’s a natural and normal reaction for humans to survive. Then, you will say that you miss the people so much and you will start to do anything to get them back, meanwhile the truth is; you are not happy with yourself right now.

When you miss those good old days, it is the sign that you are not happy with your current situation at the present moment.

It has nothing to do with the people you’ve lost, it’s all about you.

Maybe right now, you are living the life that you don’t really love; you’re abandoning your passion, you start to living your life based on other people’s opinions, you’ve been disappointed by some people, or maybe, you expect too much from the life itself.

Those nostalgia moments are actually the way your inner self wants to tell you that actually, something is wrong in your life right now. You have to realize that nobody can bring back those good feelings but yourself. Find what makes you miss your past; find some people that can bring the same or even better happiness than those people who have already gone, find new places that make your heart beats faster because of a new excitement, and find your real passions so you have something to do instead of mourning your current life.

You should be so busy making new memories until you don’t miss the old ones. Remember that you will only own this day once in your life; don’t make your future self to regret those days you’ve spent in living the past. There are thousands of people waiting for meeting the ‘future you’ out there and they are the ones who will make some good memories for the next years ahead.

I know it’s easier said than done. I know those memories are your comfort zones; those good old days are your forever shelter to feel secure and happy. But you need to realize that those people, those people who have already gone, can live without you happily; and you can do it too. You can keep those people you loved close to your heart, but don’t forget to own your life at this exact moment.

At the end of the day, you know you’re on the right track when you become uninterested in looking back. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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