Don’t Date An Aries Woman Unless You Can Do These 18 Things

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1. Accept her boldness

Be it the way she talks or just her self-confidence, Aries are known for being the most courageous sign in the zodiac. They will emit their bravery throughout all areas of life, including relationships. She’ll do anything to make you two work, including agreeing to reasonable compromises. It doesn’t matter how dark or bumpy the road is, she’ll brave a storm to reach you. This also goes for how she views herself in society. She doesn’t go with the flow. If someone tries to put her in a box, she will break out of it and show that she’s nothing like what you pinned her down as. She has her own identity, her own story, and she is shameless of it. Don’t try to make her fit your idea of perfection. Accept her for who she is, sit back and enjoy the unapologetic magic.

2. Accept her honesty and bluntness

Because she will say whatever is on her mind. She can be inconsiderate of others’ feelings sometimes, but always apologizes if she knows she’s offended someone. It’s rare for her to meet someone who can handle her opinionated self and not take it personally. Patiently call her out on her unintended rudeness.

3. Let go of her past and look beyond her imperfections

Because she already has. When it comes to anything negative that happens in her life, she processes them quickly and efficiently, and then lets them go. She doesn’t hold onto guilt from the bad choices she’s made, and she doesn’t think about them all the time. She recognizes that every human has faults and flaws — including you — but she won’t focus on the bad. She thrives on loving the good in herself and in others.

4. Be adventurous with her

Not only is she down for adventures, but she’s down for spontaneous, impulsive adventures. She’ll either look for them, they’ll find her, or she’ll make random outings into adventures. She’s all about creating memories. She’s the one with the crazy ideas, the unintentional life of the party, the discoverer of the unknown. Be willing to experience life with her, or at least give her the space she needs to experience it. You can encourage her passion from a distance, but don’t ever try to hold her back from living her daily life to the fullest. The Aries hates being bored — or better yet, the word “bored” doesn’t exist in her vocabulary. She is always wanting to change and grow and mature. And it’s all an adventure to her.

5. Accept her independence

She doesn’t need you; she’s accepting you as part of her life. She’s independent. If you can’t respect that, then you won’t last long. You may not hear from her for a couple hours, but it doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to talk to you. You may not always see her at any and every chance you want, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t interested in you. Don’t be afraid to be honest with her and let her know that you need some time in her presence. She appreciates when you’re direct with your needs and want to be near her. And she will always make time for you. Aries know who and how to prioritize.

6. Handle lots of questions

She wants to get to know you, what you like, why you like it, what you want to do, why you want to do it, etc.

7. Accept her big heart

Not only do Aries love to love, but they are also incredible forgivers. She doesn’t hold things against you. She is good at making amends. She doesn’t let things fester. She wants to talk about it and fix whatever the issue is right away. She gives you plenty of chances (sometimes too many — don’t take advantage of this!). She may not always bounce right back into being touchy-feely after you’ve said something hurtful, but she processes quickly and won’t let her anger last long. She already let you into her mind and heart, and that’s where you’ll always stay.

She notices and loves the little and imperfect things in life. She cares for what others may find unappealing. She’ll be fascinated by small wonders and make you stop to enjoy them with her.

8. Be pretty cheesy (or at least love when she is)

She’s all about creating and capturing memories, so say hello to taking cute couple photos, holding hands, lots of PDA, random kisses, thigh squeezes, and smiles from across the room. She’s proud to be with you and she won’t care if people know it and see it through her actions.

9. Be very patient

Because she isn’t. #balance

10. Appreciate her deep thinking

Aries are far from shallow. She may always seem to live in the moment, but it doesn’t mean her brain is at rest while her body is living. She is always thinking, always analyzing, always wondering, always dreaming. She is not only a great conversationalist, but you may be surprised at her way with words. She brings a new perspective on life. Don’t be surprised if the way you start to see things changes after spending some time with her.

11. Handle sassiness

Because Aries are the prime sassy-pants-wearer.

12. Brave the fire

Because she is fiery. Not just because fire is her element, but because her personality is all flames and excitement. She is fearless. And she’ll always leave you feeling more, becoming more, and wanting more.

13. Be willing to give her attention

She’s confident in her own skin, in her own thoughts, in who she is as a person, but don’t let that fool you. She needs your eyes on her and she needs your words of affirmation. She doesn’t want to be the center of everyone’s attention. She just needs to know that she’s the center of your attention.

14. Appreciate her protectiveness

No, Aries are far from being the jealous type, but they are protective of both themselves and what they consider to be theirs. She looks after the people she cares about. She’s careful with people’s hearts and attempts to handle everything with care, whether that be words, songs, writings, or her lover’s hand.

15. Love the delicate and appreciate the tough

Aries are hopeful romantics. She not only wants a one-of-a-kind love story, but she also knows that her vulnerability to find love can backfire and burn her. This doesn’t phase her, though, because what doesn’t kill makes her stronger. She can handle a lot — both physically and emotionally — and this will be something you will admire most about her. She’s the type of person who will carry others, even if she has her own issues going on in life. And even when she seems the most tough, there will be rare moments when her walls completely come down. You’ll see her vulnerable and she’ll call it weakness. You’ll see her break down and she’ll call it a flaw. But when you see this side of her that very few — if any — people get to see, you’ll realize that there isn’t anyone more beautiful.

16. Be prepared for commitment

Yes, there’s the dating stage, but an Aries woman knows what she wants and if she looks for it and finds it in you, then she’ll want to have an intentional relationship from then on. If you get cold feet or make up stupid excuses (and yes, “We haven’t known each other for very long” counts), then you’ll lose her.

17. Be okay with passion

Because she will pursue you, love you, kiss you, be angry with you, hug you, speak to you, write about you… all with an immense load of passion. To some, it can be stifling. To others, it can be just what they need to truly feel cared for. Figure out which type of person you are beforehand.

18. Be prepared to fall in love with her

Because I promise it can happen easily, and when it does, you won’t regret it.

But be aware that if you let her go, you’ll never forget her. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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