The Truth About Second Chances And Whether Or Not They’re Worth it

I know that sometimes it doesn’t make sense to give someone a second chance to hurt you again or repeat a cycle that didn’t work for you and some people don’t deserve second chances because you will never look at them the same way again but what about those who do? What about those situations that fell apart because of unhealed hearts and unfavorable circumstances and awful timing on both ends? What about those situations that barely even made it through the first round?

Because here’s what I believe, your gut will tell you whether or not it’s worth a second try, when you’re emotionally disconnected from someone, you won’t even think about another chance but when your heart isn’t completely shut down and your emotions aren’t totally blocked then maybe it’s worth a second shot. Sometimes years can go by and some people still hold a special place in our hearts and that always means something.

Sometimes years go by and some people still feel closer to you than ever but now you know better. You know now what you didn’t know back then, you’re more centered, you’re more mature and you’re more comfortable in your own skin. You are not waiting for the same kind of validation you did years ago. You are not trying to change who you are for someone else. You are not afraid of taking a chance and going with the flow. You don’t think a hundred times before telling someone how you feel. You’re not who you were years ago and they’re not who they were years ago and these new and improved versions could possibly make it work this time around.

Because years go by and you meet more people only to realize that some connections don’t come around very often. They’re rare and you always find yourself going back to the times when you felt happy and alive and when the communication was easy and simple. When the sparks were flying and you didn’t have to do too much because it was all genuine and effortless but you don’t always know that right away, maybe you have to meet a few wrong ones before realizing that what you had with someone else was special.

And here’s why second chances are there, to give you that opportunity to relearn who someone is again, to allow you to see if the spark is still there, to give you more time to get to know someone without the old circumstances getting in the way, to give you a better understanding of the connection and to give your heart peace by knowing for sure if this was all in your head or if it was written in the stars. When the universe gives you a second chance with someone you couldn’t forget, then maybe it knows something you don’t know and maybe this time you should trust it.

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Rania Naim

Writing makes me feel alive. Words heal me.