Trust Me When I Say You Can Survive Any Kind Of Betrayal

Trust Me When I Say You Can Survive Any Kind Of Betrayal

This was the year of people not showing up for me. This was the year of constant disappointments and letdowns from the people I could have taken a bullet for. This was the year of learning that the people who I trusted with all my heart are the ones who broke it. This was the year of learning the hard way that not everyone deserves a piece of my heart and not everyone is as genuine as they seem to be.

But trust me when I say that when the initial shock is over, when the pain subsides, when you take your blinders off that’s when you see the truth clearly and start making informed decisions and adjustments. You’ll start putting two and two together and you will never again dismiss the red flags you see or overlook the warning signs. You’ll never again trust too much or assume that the person has the same intentions as you do. You’ll never again brush your gut aside just because you want to keep some people in your life.

Trust me when I say you will be surprised at how easy it is to live without these people. You will realize that life is filtering out the toxicity for you because the truth is, these people would have never brought you joy, maybe they made you happy for a little while but it was all based on lies because when all hell broke loose, they were gone. All these promises were suddenly forgotten and you were still dealing with the hardships alone. There was no one by your side to wipe your tears or get you out of your funk. Suddenly, all those who promised to be there for you were nowhere to be found.

Trust me when I say these betrayals are blessings in disguise because they help you depend on yourself more without leaning on those who don’t really care. They help you get closer to people who are more genuine and more supportive. They help you overcome your fear of being alone in difficult times. They help you figure out your strength and your resilience. They help you understand life; that sometimes you have to fight some tough battles alone.

Trust me when I say someday you will thank these people for their betrayal because they opened the door for you to become more self-aware and self-sufficient. They helped you move on and figure out who truly has your back and who is ready to stab you in it. They helped you be more cognizant of who you should let into your life, who you should trust and who really deserves your heart. They helped you save your time and your efforts for those who are worth it and they taught you a very important lesson: not everyone deserves full access to you. Period.

Writing makes me feel alive. Words heal me.

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