This Is Why Your Comeback Will Always Be Stronger Than Your Setback

This Is Why Your Comeback Will Always Be Stronger Than Your Setback

Trust me when I say that nothing is ever as hopeless as it seems and you are not as restless as you think you are. When you’re facing a lot of setbacks in life, you sometimes lose momentum and you lose the will to keep on trying. You become numb. But that’s not true because the only thing that can truly set you back is yourself. The real setback is if you stop trying and give in to your circumstances.

Trust me when I say you will always come back stronger after any setback, not because life will magically work out for you or you will stumble across something that will change your life. No, you will come back stronger because every setback makes you more resilient. Something inside of you changes, you’re suddenly a little bit more competitive and stubborn. You refuse failure, you conquer rejection and you decide you don’t want to let anything stop you from winning. You remember that this is your life and you can still create how it goes on.

Trust me when I say you will always know yourself better after any setback because you will discover that you faced your worst fears and you’re still alive. You went through hell and still found a way back to heaven. You will realize that you have what it takes to make it. You’re not afraid of starting over. You’re not afraid of being alone. You’re not afraid of setbacks anymore because you know that the comeback will always be sweeter. It will always surprise you or anyone who wanted to see you crumble.

Trust me when I say the comeback will always be stronger than the setback because now you have something to prove. You have people who didn’t believe in you waiting for your next disaster and you have people who betrayed you and broke your heart thinking you’re a mess without them. You have something to say to them one way or another. You have a message to deliver and that message will be your comeback.

Maybe some people thought you’d fall apart without them because at some point you gave off that vibe but the truth is, you sometimes need to fall down to come up on top and remember that you can climb that ladder on your own without a helping hand.

The truth is life is full of setbacks but it doesn’t have to end there. A setback isn’t a final destination because it’s never as glamorous or glorious as your comeback. Trust me, if you dig deep and work hard to get yourself out of any pitfall, your comeback will always be stronger than your setback and it will leave all those who doubted you in awe.

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