I’m Proud Of You For Not Wasting Your Time Anymore

I’m Proud Of You For Not Wasting Your Time Anymore

I’m proud of you. I’m proud of you for not wasting your time anymore. I’m proud of you for finally realizing that your time is precious and for finally knowing what you deserve and what you can’t tolerate. I’m proud of you for setting standards and creating new boundaries to protect yourself. I’m proud of you for making difficult decisions because they’re in your best interest. I’m proud of you because you’re finally not settling anymore.

I think you’ve come a long way. Remember when you would keep making excuses for those who didn’t respect you or value you because you thought this was love. Remember when you would silence your own voice just to make others happy. Remember when you were too afraid of saying how you really felt because you didn’t want to cause drama or push someone away. Remember when you didn’t think you could change your beliefs about who you are so you allowed others to define you and tell you how you should be treated. Remember when you were scared of being alone so you held on to those who made you feel like you weren’t enough.

But look at you now. Look at how you finally taught yourself when to walk away and put your foot down. Look at how you’re no longer afraid of being alone if you’re not finding the respect and love you’re seeking. Look at how you no longer need anyone’s validation for survival. Look at how you cut all toxic people out of your life. Look at how you persisted and made those who once belittled you ashamed of themselves. Look at how you thrived when people were betting on your failure.

I’m proud of you for finally choosing yourself and your happiness above everything else. I’m happy that you no longer wait for people to love you or validate you or make you feel important. I’m happy that you’re finding all these things within yourself first and I’m proud of you because you’re not afraid of speaking up when you’re being misjudged. I’m proud of you for taking all the grief, the suffering, the heartbreak and the pain and becoming stronger, wiser and softer because of them. I’m proud of you for turning all your blocks into pathways and all your darkness into light.

Writing makes me feel alive. Words heal me.

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