Heal The Parts Of You That Made You Believe You Don’t Deserve The Best In Life

Heal your mind. Get to the bottom of all these negative thoughts and limiting beliefs. Rewrite the old stories that keep you stuck in the same pattern whether in your personal life or in your career. Dig deeper and find the source of the problem so you can resolve it because your mind will play a big factor in your life and it will shape many parts of your reality or at least how you respond to the unfavorable circumstances and you have to train it to persevere. You have to train it to stay on track so it doesn’t spiral into all these negative narratives that emanate fear, failure, loss, and rejection. Heal your mind because it can unblock all your obstacles and push you to live the life you always wanted.

Heal your heart. Learn how to let go of your past heartbreaks and traumas. Revisit your childhood abandonment issues so you can dismantle your trust issues. I know it’s not easy to forget the pain when you’re constantly triggered by reminders or similar patterns but this is where all the hard work comes in. This is where you’re supposed to exert more effort and work on fixing yourself. This is where you’re supposed to heal your own heart by realizing that every heartbreak was just you loving the wrong person or maybe your choices weren’t aligned with who you were. That your trust issues were mainly a reflection of your own insecurities projected onto the wrong people. That every time you trusted someone who let you down was just another learning experience so you can be able to spot the red flags sooner, to walk away faster, or to truly understand that at the end of the day, you only have yourself and you must learn how to pick up your broken pieces time and time again.

Heal the way you feel about yourself. Forget those who silenced you and made you feel like your voice doesn’t matter, that’s how you learn to speak up and fight for your ideas and your values. Forget those who made you feel like you weren’t good enough or those who mishandled you, that’s how you learn that you’re not for everyone and that people sometimes have their own issues to heal before they can truly appreciate someone else. Forget those who disrespected you, that’s how you learn the art of walking away and filtering your inner circle by surrounding yourself with those who appreciate you and respect you. That’s how you learn that losing people is sometimes something to celebrate because you win yourself back.

Heal the parts of you that made you believe you don’t deserve the best in life because they were all made up of false beliefs and old stories. They were all made up of tough lessons and painful experiences because if you are brave enough to heal these parts and change these stories, you’ll finally unlock the best parts of yourself. The parts that believe in you, the parts that know that you deserve everything you want in life, and the parts that awaken the love you have inside of you because you deserve the best in life even if everything around you is telling you otherwise. You are good enough. You always were. You always will be.

About the author

Rania Naim

Writing makes me feel alive. Words heal me.