Some People Aren't Meant To Stay In Your Life Beyond The Lessons They Teach You

Some People Aren’t Meant To Stay In Your Life Beyond The Lessons They Teach You

Some people aren’t meant to stay in your life after a certain point. Some people are meant to leave by a certain date because that’s when their lesson is due. That’s when they teach you something new or the same old lesson that you’ve been resisting. The same lesson you don’t want to learn.

Some people aren’t meant to be your forever people. They’re not the kind of people who want to grow old with you or be your best friends or hold your hand when you’re 80. They’re the kind of people who just want to have a drink with you at the bar or have a few deep conversations when they’re lonely or hang out with you so they can get their emotional fixes from you. They’re the kind of people who start taking a step back once you ask for more.

Some people aren’t meant to be the ones you love and cherish with all your heart because the more you give the less they appreciate you. The more you do, the less they like you. They’re the ones who are still stuck on the games and the manipulation, stuck on playing hard to get and mixed signals. They’re the emotionally immature ones who think love should be difficult and complicated. Some people truly don’t deserve the kind of love you’re willing to give because they will simply never understand it.

The bitter truth is some people aren’t meant to stay in your life beyond the lessons they teach you no matter how much you want them to, how much you try to prove your love to them or how hard you fight for them. Their time in your life is limited and as much as you want to plan a future around them, you know that it’s not their place anymore.

Their place is not in your heart or your life and maybe that’s not what you want to hear right now but the good news is, when they leave they make room for the ones who do, the ones who want to stay in your life. The ones who teach you how to be fearless in love again, how to feel safe knowing they’ll always stick around or how to truly be vulnerable and share your soul without feeling exposed or naive. The ones who come to teach you what real love is unlike the faint ideas of love you had before.

Writing makes me feel alive. Words heal me.

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