Only Faith Can Get You Through The Most Confusing Times

Only Faith Can Get You Through The Most Confusing Times

Only faith can get you through the most confusing times. Only faith can make you stand your ground when everything around you is falling apart. Only faith can give you the hope you need to make it through another rainy day. Only faith can light up your darkest nights because sometimes things happen and you can’t really understand why.

Sometimes you question why God picked you for certain struggles or why he chose that specific person or that specific time. You can simply go crazy thinking about the whys and the hows of it all but faith calms you down. It makes those baffling thoughts easier to manage and it makes those doubts eventually subside when you know that there’s a reason for everything. When you have faith that even the bad things that happen to you have a purpose and a hidden blessing.

You need faith during unpredictable times and you need faith when everything around you makes you want to lose faith in life and people. Faith gives you power over your circumstances because you know that even when life shocks you or when things fall apart, you’ll be fine or you’ll find your way back to yourself. You won’t break down. You won’t give up and you won’t lose hope. You need faith because you will always be questioning why things are happening to you, why you lost people or why you didn’t get that job but if you live your whole life chasing those answers, you’ll miss out on the joy of living and the excitement of the unknown. If you spend your whole life trying to understand why things happened the way they did, you’ll always be confused and lost.

I believe happy people aren’t happy because their life is perfect or problem-free, I think they’re happy because they’re always choosing to look past the hardships, past the pain and the obstacles. They have faith that God will either heal them and their problems or he will grant them the tools they need to solve their problems. They have faith that these things happen because they’re part of something bigger, something greater, another direction, a different path or a rebirth of some kind. Sometimes transformations happen when everything is ruined and there’s no way out so you have to carve your own way.

Only faith can get you through the most confusing and toughest times because another human being will never give you the answers or the comfort you need. Another human being will never give you the peace of mind or wisdom that faith can give you. Another human being will never change your life or your thoughts or your heart the way faith can. Only faith can help you survive and only God can truly heal you so you can heal your life.

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