I Hope You Don't Let Other Voices Make You Doubt Your Own

I Hope You Don’t Let Other Voices Make You Doubt Your Own

There a comes a point in life when you are faced with more than one choice, more than one option and more than one road but more often than not, you find yourself leaning toward the road less traveled, the least favorable option or maybe the more difficult choice and that’s where the real challenge begins, the real test, whether you should listen to yourself and follow your own compass or listen to the majority who are always leaning more toward the safest choice, the one with the least damage, the one that is predictable but doesn’t necessarily make you happy.

Now, this is where you either make a decision because it’s safe and comfortable for you and approved by almost everyone or make the one that makes your heart skip a beat, that might be a little bit harder to achieve or maintain but it’s everything you’ve been dreaming of.

It makes you fearful and anxious but it also makes you flutter with happiness when you think about where it could take you or how much happier it will make you. You could fail, you could come back eventually and tell people that they were right, you could stumble and feel like you should have tested the waters before jumping in with both feet, but you could also rise, you could soar, you could come out of this experience with a lot to offer, a lot of important lessons, a sense of accomplishment, a new beginning and a much more rewarding life.

It all goes back to you, what does your heart really tell you? What does the voice inside your head whisper to you? How does it feel when you think about every choice? Because I know that sometimes the easy way is not the right way for you and the safest choice is not the one that will make you happy. I know that sometimes you want to listen to people because you think they know better but at the end of the day no one knows you better than you know yourself, no one knows what you think about before you sleep or what you dream about and no one knows what you need to thrive. Trusting your voice and your compass may not always take you to the final destination but it will bring you one step closer.

I hope you don’t let the voices of others make you doubt your own because your journey will never be easy and smooth and if you always try to play it safe or make predictable choices or stay where it’s convenient and comfortable, you’ll never grow, you’ll never see what’s on the other side and sometimes that’s where all the magic happens, sometimes the destinations you fear the most are the ones you really need to reach and sometimes when you travel on your own, you find everything you’ve been looking for and you find even better things than what you left behind.

Writing makes me feel alive. Words heal me.

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