There’s Nothing Better Than Rebuilding Yourself

There’s Nothing Better Than Rebuilding Yourself

There’s nothing better than rebuilding yourself and rebuilding your life no matter how old you are, no matter how long it took you to finally take that step because if there’s one battle that’s truly worth fighting, it’s this one. Rebuilding yourself after so many setbacks and downfalls. After too many failures and wrong turns. After too many years of being passive and complaining about your life without really doing anything about it.

There’s nothing better than deciding that you still have a say, you still have a choice, you still have a voice you can use to shift your life into another direction. It’s easy to stay stuck in the mental prison you’ve caged yourself in and it’s easier to blame the circumstances but no matter how impossible it seems to get out of that prison, there’s always a way out, there’s always a hidden path and sometimes the door is wide open in front of you but you’re just too afraid to get out because you don’t want to face any more disappointments. You don’t want to suffer again.

There’s nothing better than realizing that some things happen as clear signs from the universe that you need to do something. Sometimes God doesn’t answer your prayers in the way you asked for them but he shows you the way to them. He shows you that what you’re asking for is not out of reach but maybe you need to cross a few rivers or a few bridges or learn a few more lessons to get to them.

Sometimes he gives you all the tools you need instead so you can manifest your own prayers and sometimes he sends you clues and messages that tell you that he’s on your side. That the path you’re on is the right one for you. That this is exactly what you needed to learn after everything fell apart or after hitting rock bottom.

There’s nothing better than rebuilding yourself because it prepares you for all the challenges ahead. It prepares you for heartbreak and loss. It prepares you for all the moments that you would normally fear. It gives you independence, strength, resilience and freedom and somehow these tools help you survive anything in life. Knowing you can count on yourself, knowing that you can take care of yourself, knowing that you have the self-awareness to get yourself out of your darkness or your prison or your doubts. Knowing that at any moment you can choose to leave a situation or a person and you will be just fine.

There’s nothing better than rebuilding yourself because once you decide to do that, ironically, everything falls back together. Everything kind of redeems itself. Everything patches itself up again including your broken heart and your broken spirit.

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