If You Want Good Things In Life, You Have To Believe That You Deserve Them

If You Want Good Things In Life, You Have To Believe That You Deserve Them

You deserve to heal and get better for yourself before you heal for others. You deserve to find the things that make you happy and pursue them. You deserve to be loved in a way that doesn’t make you afraid of opening up or being vulnerable or trusting someone with your heart. You deserve to find inner peace because you’ve been through enough and you’ve fought the toughest battles and gone into wars with yourself and others to learn how to get better, to learn what you truly need and what you truly deserve and to finally understand that sometimes the biggest lessons come from the hardest battles and sometimes the best in you comes out after you’ve been through the worst.

You deserve a life that makes you look forward to waking up every morning. You deserve a life that excites you not a life that bores you or wears you down because you’ve already experienced enough pain and dull moments, you’ve had your share of lonely nights and days when you felt dead inside. You deserve a life that makes you feel alive. A life that keeps you hanging on when times get rough and a life that keeps you going because you know that better things are coming your way.

You deserve the kind of love that doesn’t make you question yourself or your worth. The kind of love that makes you believe in yourself again because the person thinks you’re too important to lose. The person knows how to respect and value you. You deserve the kind of love that puts you first. You deserve the kind of love you give others and you deserve to feel safe and happy with whoever you’re with. You deserve effort, consistency and kindness.

You deserve friends who lift you up and support you when you need them. You deserve to be surrounded by people who care for you and protect you. You deserve to feel safe not judged or ridiculed by the closest people to you. You deserve to be around people who clap for you and cheer for you when you succeed but hug you and console you when you’re grieving.

Because I’ve learned that for good things to come, you have to believe that you deserve them first. I’ve learned that if you truly want to attract amazing things, you have to wholeheartedly believe that you’re worthy of them. I’ve learned that for you to make things happen, you must first believe that they’re possible and they’re not out of your reach. I’ve learned that if you keep rejecting whatever it is that is bringing you pain instead of settling for it, you will eventually attract what you truly want, what your heart desires and what makes you happy and fulfilled.

I’ve learned that many times people will try to make you forget what you deserve or convince you that your standards are too high or your dreams are too big so you can settle, but as long as you keep remembering what you deserve and believing that you actually deserve it, you will be safe from all those trying to break you.

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