The Things That Break Your Heart Fix You In Other Ways

The Things That Break Your Heart Fix You In Other Ways

The things that break your heart give you clarity. They give you a new perspective on life, on people, on heartbreak and healing. The things that break your heart open up your eyes. They make you see things for what they really are, not how you want to see them. They make you see people without their false masks and personalities. They show you the truth and the truth always sets you free.

The things that break your heart teach you how to survive. They teach how to make it on your own. They teach you how to release any unhealthy attachments. They teach you how to pick someone out of love rather than loneliness. They teach you that some things are not meant for you no matter how much you want them and some people are not good for you no matter how much you believe in their potential. The things that break your heart give you faith because you know that God broke those things for a reason, you know that God removed certain people from your life because they weren’t going to bless it or bless you, they weren’t going to make your life any easier.

The things that break your heart bring you closer to yourself. They make you reflect on what you want and what your boundaries are. They give you answers about yourself and others. They give you guidelines for the future. They make you accept that heartbreak will always be a part of life but there’s something good that comes out of it. There’s always ‘good’ in goodbye. There’s always something rewarding after every loss. Sometimes you find yourself, sometimes you find someone better and sometimes you find God. In all cases, you win.

The things that break your heart will never truly end. People change, lovers come and go, friends leave, we lose our loved ones, life surprises us with tragedies but the one thing that will make a difference is how you respond to all of it. How well prepared you are for the chaos that follows. How you persevere and how you protect yourself from the internal damage these things can cause. How you piece yourself and your heart back together quickly so you can breathe again and go on with your life because a lot of things in life will try to destroy you but if you can stand on your own, no one will have the power to destroy you. If you can fight back, nothing can truly break you.

The things that break your heart can be a blessing or a curse and it’s up to you to choose which one you’ll take because if you can let heartbreak enlighten you instead of break you, if you can let it show you the light in the darkness instead of dampening your soul, you’ll always feel that even endings are blessings in disguise. You will always understand that God is saving you from something and leading you to something much better than what you left behind.

Writing makes me feel alive. Words heal me.

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