Dear God, Please Give Me The Strength I Need To Make It On My Own

Dear God, Please Give Me The Strength I Need To Make It On My Own

Dear God, please give me the strength I need to keep going when things seem hopeless. When everything seems to be going wrong. Give me the wisdom I need to see the best in dire situations and see the light in the darkest moments.

Give me the stamina I need to stand up again when I fall, to try again with hope after every failure, to love again with all my heart after every heartbreak. Please give me the clarity I need to see the truth behind certain situations and people so I can move on in peace and move forward without looking back.

Please allow me to see the miracles in the simplest things every day instead of waiting for it in some kind of grand, life-changing gesture. Allow me to recognize my purpose and my duty on this earth and pursue it fearlessly.

But more than anything, please allow me to understand my pain and my struggles. Allow me to accept them. Give me the courage to release them, allow me to live free of their remnants. Give me the wisdom to turn them into strength. Give me the discernment to accept that my journey may not be the easiest but there’s something far bigger and larger than me at work. Let my pain bring me closer to you instead of deviating away from you.

Dear God, please equip me with the tools I need to fix what people broke in me. Please shield me with the tools I need to protect myself from those trying to stop me from growing. Allow me to stand on my own when no one seems to understand me or stick around during the hard times. Allow me to love and appreciate my solitude instead of dreading it. Teach me how to continue fighting and counting on myself when the trials and tribulations of life have worn me out.

Please give me the resilience I need in moments of defeat and conflict. Give me the zest I need to feel alive again after every demoralizing moment. Give me the enlightenment to find within me everything I’m struggling to find in others. Give me the power to be enough for myself. 

Dear God, please give me the strength I need to make it on my own because all that really means is that you’re the only one who is with me. Please give me the faith I need to remember that you’re all I need when I feel all alone. Please renew my faith in you when I stop believing and renew my faith in myself when I falter and think that I can’t make it on my own. Because I know with your help, I can. I know with your help, I’ll stand taller every time life tries to bring me down.

Writing makes me feel alive. Words heal me.

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