In The End, God Will Not Let You Down

In The End, God Will Not Let You Down

Throughout my life, every time I’ve been let down by someone or something, God found a way to make up for it. Somehow, I was always victorious in the end. Whether it was him pushing me away from someone or guiding me to move to another city. Every time I thought I was completely broken or lost, I’d find a new way, a new door that would completely get me out of the darkness and into the light.

I always feel like he’s protecting me. It’s hard for me to lose big battles when he’s on my side. It’s hard for me to lose hope when I have faith in him. If you think about it, it’s hard for God to let anyone down because even the incidents that make us suffer have something important to teach us and even the people we loved the most leave us because they’re not right for us or they shape us into better, stronger individuals. God knows all that but we don’t. That’s why I’ve learned not to judge life by what’s happening day by day but by what’s happening year by year because when I look back every wonderful beginning stemmed from a painful ending. Every moment of success and greatness sprung from a moment of utter weakness and desperation. 

I still have days when I find it hard to believe that God will turn certain situations around just because of how long it has taken him or how stagnant everything has been but then I realized that maybe God will never change these situations, maybe he just wants me to remove myself from them. Maybe an unanswered prayer is not really an unanswered prayer but a sign for you to change directions. That maybe the answer is you removing yourself from the situation instead of asking God to change it because it’s not meant to be part of your story anymore.

Lately, I’ve been reflecting a lot on the past and how my life turned out to be nothing like what I expected but I discovered that almost every setback I’ve faced, every downfall I’ve encountered got me closer to blessings I wouldn’t have found had things played out differently. You know how they say you have to do what’s wrong to know what’s right and when things are falling apart they might actually be falling together. Maybe this is how God works, he doesn’t follow your vision or manifests the things you want exactly the way you want them but he has his own vision, another script, another story but it has the same ending.

And maybe that’s all we should really pray for, that we all get the happy ending we’ve been wishing for; it might not be in the same city we picked or the same people we imagined ourselves with but we should all hope for that happy ending and leave the details and the logistics up to him.

But as long as we keep believing that God will not let us down in the end, he will over-deliver on every promise. He will over-fulfill every wish. What if we’re being limited in our faith in him? We want him not to let us down while he is planning to amaze us instead. And what if every sad ending is not really our ending? It’s still part of the journey leading up to it. Unless it’s a happy one, God isn’t done with us yet.

Writing makes me feel alive. Words heal me.

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