After Every Deception, You’ll Find The Truth

After Every Deception, You’ll Find The Truth

Here’s the funny thing about fate, it doesn’t like liars. It exposes them eventually. It sends their malicious karma back to them and it sends little messengers of truth to tell you or show you exactly the truth behind these lies.

So trust me when I say that after every deception, the truth will come out. The truth about that person, the truth about their lies and the truth about how much you really meant to them.

The people who deceive you are only deceiving themselves because eventually, they won’t be able to run away from the truth, the truth that they’ve been avoiding. They can’t run away from their demons or their flaws. They won’t be able to wear the deception mask for too long because they forget one very important factor, they forget that people eventually take their blindfolds off, their intuition kicks in, they start seeing the true colors, they sniff the lies and they finally walk away when they’ve had enough.

If someone deceived you, it says a lot about them not you. If anything, you should be happy that you’re no longer associated with someone who can’t be real with themselves or people. You should be happy that you’re no longer in the presence of someone who can’t be genuine or vulnerable or sincere.

People who enjoy deceiving and manipulating others are the ones you should truly feel sorry for. They haven’t mustered the courage to discover who they really are and work on being better people. They haven’t mustered the strength to fight their inner battles or heal themselves. They chose the easy way out. The weakest way to deal with problems. They chose denial and creating a false reality to live in instead of facing the real one. They decided to manipulate people instead of loving them because they’re afraid that no one will love who they really are, that no one will stay if they take away their sweet nothings and their insincere charm.

But every deception is a confirmation from God that this road is not for you, that these people are not for you, that those who deceive you need to heal their own issues before you can truly trust them or love them. Every deception is a confirmation from God that you’re looking for happiness in the wrong place. Deception is God’s way of redirecting you so you can keep finding your truth. Away from those who are still running away from theirs. Away from those who think they’re too clever for deceiving you and maybe even laugh about it with their friends. They gloat over breaking you but they’re only breaking themselves and that’s the saddest truth of all — how broken they really are.

Because after every deception, you dodge a bullet and it goes straight back to them. Shattering the glass they used to cut you and it wounds them instead. After every deception, you heal while they remain broken.

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Rania Naim

Writing makes me feel alive. Words heal me.