I Guess This Is What They Call Healing

I Guess This Is What They Call Healing

When forgetting is the only option you have, I guess that’s what they call the sweet release.

Releasing someone when you’re heart is still full of love.

Releasing someone and wishing them the best, even if it’s not with you.

Releasing someone and forgiving them for all their wrongdoings.

Releasing someone without the juvenile hope that they would come back to you.

Releasing someone and accepting that your paths might not cross again.

Releasing someone when there was so much you wanted to say and so much you wanted to do.

Releasing them because maybe they don’t belong to you after all.

I guess that’s what they call maturity.
Learning to let go of those you want to hold on to.
Learning to accept that their story may not include you.
Learning to love them from a distance.
Accepting that your happy ending may not include them.

I guess that’s what they call faith.
Trusting that the universe will fill that void.
Trusting that God will find a way to replace what you’ve lost.
Trusting that you can keep going in this journey on your own for a little while longer.
Trusting that something better is on the way.

I guess that’s what they call healing.
Knowing when to detach.
Knowing how to let go.
Being kind to yourself.
Forgiving yourself.
Loving again after every heartbreak.
Moving on with no regrets, only lessons.
Picking yourself up again.
Trying to love again.
Proving to yourself time and time again
that no one can truly break you.

Writing makes me feel alive. Words heal me.

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