27 Lessons I Have Learned From Every Single Breakup And Breakdown

Let God Fix The Broken Pieces Of Your Life

Let God fix your heart.

Let God heal the wounds of past heartbreaks and people who left and anyone who couldn’t fully love you. Let him teach you the lesson behind each heartbreak. The lesson behind each tear. The lesson that will help you find someone you can be with forever. Maybe the lesson is not to fall too fast or not to fall for words or not to fight so hard for things that are not meant to be yours. Maybe the lesson is to wait instead of chasing the wrong person just because you want to be in a relationship. Maybe the lesson is for you to finally learn your worth and what you deserve and stop settling for mediocre love and almost relationships.

Let God fix your mind.

Allow his words to ease your restless mind and silence your insecurities. Read his stories so you can learn how to overcome stress, anxiety, trauma and pain. Nothing is impossible for God to heal. Nothing is impossible for God to change. Nothing is impossible for God to repair.

Let God fix your self-doubt.

Let him show you that his way is safe. His path protects you from the darkness. His path eases your loneliness. His path fills you with faith and hope that the future is going to be better. His love fills your void. His love makes you brave because you know there is nothing you can’t overcome with him by your side.

Let God fix your story.

After all, he’s the writer. He’s the one who knows how our story will end and if we’ll ever get our happy ending. Everything is in his book. Maybe your story isn’t going the way you want it to but this is certainly not the end.

Maybe this is the part where the protagonist struggles and falls down before finding a way to rise up again. Maybe this is the turning point that prepares you for your big break, your big risk or your miracle. Maybe this is just the beginning of the story and everything else was just one long dull introduction.

Let God fix your life.

Because people won’t fix you and you won’t always be able to fix yourself. Because fixing something requires strength, patience, perseverance, resilience and wisdom and sometimes human beings run out of all that. Sometimes we fall short. Sometimes we can’t have it all together and we turn our smallest battles into wars when we feel inadequate. When we feel like we’re failing at fixing our lives.

But sometimes, God just wants you to surrender. It’s a key element of faith. Surrendering is actually an act of strength, not weakness. Because it takes a great deal of strength and wisdom to admit that you don’t have all the answers and you can’t change your life but you know that you’re depending on the biggest problem solver and the only one who can change your story and the only one who can truly fix you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Writing makes me feel alive. Words heal me.

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