12 Signs It’s Time To Say Goodbye For Good 

12 Signs It’s Time To Say Goodbye For Good 

1. You’re not happy. You’re always crying. You’re feeling down all the time and it’s affecting your well-being, your productivity, your energy and your mood.

2. Your contact is diminishing. If there’s little to zero contact then that’s a clear sign that the most important factor (communication) is missing and you can’t build a connection if you don’t have solid communication.

3. You don’t know exactly what you mean to them anymore. You don’t know if you’re a friend or more. You don’t know if they love you because they haven’t said it. You don’t even know if they like you because their actions don’t show attraction or admiration.

4. They’re not who they were when you first met them. Something has changed and something feels ‘off.’ Whether it’s a change in behavior or just another side you haven’t seen before. And I don’t mean minor changes, I mean changes that make you question if you may have misjudged that person in the first place or if they were pretending to be someone else to impress you.

5. You don’t have an answer when people ask you about them. You don’t know what to say anymore, you don’t know if you’re together or if they’re talking to someone else. You don’t know if you’re ‘dating’ or if it was just a fling and now it’s over.

6. You don’t really trust them. You don’t think they have your back because they disappointed you so many times before. You don’t think they’ll fight for you if you walk away. You don’t think they’ll protect your heart because they keep breaking it.

7. There’s more distance than intimacy. If your time together is short, cold, indifferent and feels more like an obligation, then it’s a sign that they checked out a long time ago and it’s only a matter of time before it ends. If you’re not growing closer then you’re definitely growing apart.

8. You feel like it’s one sided. You’re always the one making an effort, you’re always the one reaching out or finding ways to try to fix what’s broken. You’re constantly giving and giving and getting very little in return.

9. You’re resentful. If you’re carrying a lot of negative emotions, anger and bitterness because of what they put you through, then you’ll never be in a healthy mental or emotional state to be a better or more loving person because you’re still hurting from their actions or the way they treated you.

10. You’re still hung up on their ‘potential’ not on who they really are. When you really like or love someone, you tend to believe that they’ll eventually come around and be the person they’re capable of being, but sometimes real life is not that romantic and that person stays the same because they’re simply not ready or not willing to change and your love won’t always be the magic wand that turns them into that amazing person they could be.

11. Everyone tells you that you deserve better. If your friends and family keep telling you that it’s not worth it, that you deserve better or that you need to move on, listen to them because they want what’s best for you and they can see that this relationship is draining you and wearing you out.

12. Deep inside, you know it’s over but you just don’t want to admit it. At the end of the day, we have a strong intuition that warns us when something is wrong or when it’s time to walk away but sometimes we choose to ignore our intuition because we want to believe that there’s still hope if we try harder. If your gut is telling you that it’s time to say goodbye — do it — no matter how hard it will be. You’ll thank yourself later. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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