Maybe We Should Pray For Things Instead Of Worrying About Them


Maybe we need to pray that we keep our blessings and take care of them instead of worrying about how long they will last or what will happen if we lose them.

Maybe we need to be grateful for the things we have instead of worrying about the things we want but can’t have.

Maybe life is about trusting more than resisting.

Maybe we need to pray about finding the right things even if they take time instead of praying for the wrong things temporarily.

Maybe we need to believe that praying is sometimes the only solution to the problems we can’t control, to what’s happening inside us, to the feelings we can’t explain and the thoughts we can’t silence.

Maybe life is about letting go instead of holding on.

Because it’s in our nature to run away from rules, to run away from pressure and gravitate toward those who make us feel loved and accepted. We despise being around people who make us doubt ourselves or ask us too many questions because they make us uncomfortable or unhappy.

So maybe we should treat God the same way, maybe we should stop complaining and start accepting him. Maybe we should stop doubting him and start trusting him. Maybe that’s all he needs before he shows us his miracles. Maybe he’s just teaching us how to have faith in him, even if we can’t understand him.

Maybe we need to get closer when he pushes us away, maybe we need to keep praying even when we think he’s not listening and maybe we need to stop worrying so much about things we might lose because he’s never going to take away something that’s good for us. He’s never going to take away something he can’t replace.

Maybe praying is not so much about getting what we want as much as it is communicating with God, our way of checking in with him, our way of letting him know we care, our way of trying to reach out to him and our way of letting him know we need him.

Maybe life is more about faith and less about fear.

Maybe God wants to hear our words more than our silence because he wants us near him. He wants us closer to him than anyone else. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Rania Naim is a poet and author of the new book All The Words I Should Have Said, available here.


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