It’s Time To Stop Being The Beautiful Fool And Just Be Beautiful

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It’s time to stop acting like you don’t deserve any better because you haven’t been feeling so great about yourself. It’s time to stop settling because you think your dreams are out of reach and it’s time to stop letting the world fool you. It’s time to stop letting love fool you.

It’s time to stop letting those you love treat you like you don’t matter. It’s time to stop letting them get away with things that hurt you. It’s time to realize that if they don’t stay when you speak up then they’re not strong enough for you. It’s time to admit to yourself and to them that you don’t come with discounts, they can either pay the full-price or they can leave because you’re worth it all. You’re valuable. You’re a masterpiece that only a few people can afford. 

It’s time to stop letting your insecurities overshadow your beauty. It’s time to stop looking at every mirror pointing every flaw and it’s time to stop believing every negative thing that’s been said about you. It’s time to start loving who you see in the mirror. It’s time to stop running away from mirrors.

Stop being a beautiful fool and just be beautiful because you’re falling for all the lies the world is telling you and you’re falling for all the traps others have set for you.

It’s time to stop falling and start standing. It’s time to get back up and keep walking. It’s time to heal. It’s time to dust yourself off and shine again.

It’s time to stop pretending like you don’t know any better, like you can’t live a better life, like you can’t move from your pain. It’s time to stop being the beautiful fool who stands still and watches her life fall apart. It’s time to be the one to rebuild it, the one that puts it all back together.

The world wants a lot of people to be fools by convincing them that they don’t have a say in how their life turns out or how others see them, but the truth is, we’re always given the chance to change, to redeem ourselves, to learn from our mistakes, to move on and grow.

We can be beautiful fools from time to time, but at one point, we must stop lying to ourselves and we must start seeing our own worth again even if we’re the only ones who see it, even if everyone is trying so hard to tell us otherwise. We must remember that we are only beautiful and not beautiful fools. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Rania Naim is a poet and author of the new book All The Words I Should Have Said, available here.


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