This Is How You Let Her Go

 Ieva Urenceva
Ieva Urenceva

You let her go when you didn’t show her what she meant to you. When you were too scared to try, when you were afraid of admitting to yourself that you wanted her, when you convinced yourself that you didn’t need her because you never needed anyone. You let her go when she was trying to hold on.

You let her go when you made her feel like she was ordinary. That she was just like any other girl you knew, that she didn’t make your heart skip a beat and when you made her feel like she wasn’t enough and her love wasn’t enough for you.

You let her go when you made her feel that she will never be your priority — she will never be the girl you choose.

You let her go when you didn’t meet her half-way. When she reached out but you pulled away, when she tried to get closer and you distanced yourself, when she tried to understand you and you left her even more puzzled. You let her go when you treated her like she was temporary when she was treating you like you’re forever.

You let her go when you were unsure about her. When you didn’t know if she was the one so you led her on then changed your mind, when you loved her for a little while and then you took it all back, when you made her fall for you but decided not to catch her. You let her go because you weren’t afraid of hurting her — because you let her fall alone.

You let her go when you saw her walk away and you didn’t try to run after her. When she was waiting for you to say something but you said nothing and when she was willing to give you another chance but you didn’t ask for it.

You let her go when you showed her that someone out there will treat her better, someone will take better care of her fragile heart and give her simple answers to her simple questions and someone who wants to be with her because he’s sure about it. Someone who doesn’t need more time to make up his mind.

You let her go when you never came back to say sorry. When you didn’t try to heal the same heart you broke and when you didn’t tell her that letting her go was the hardest thing you ever had to do.

You let her go when you never told her that you missed her and that you wish you could see her again. You let her go when you failed to appreciate everything good about her when she was with you, when you made her feel invisible.

And now you’re starting to see it all after she’s gone, it’s hitting you that you lost someone special, someone real, someone who deserved a fair chance, someone who was worthy of your love. Now she’s gone and letting her go was probably the best thing you did for her because now she knows it’s time to look for the one who makes her stay. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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