I Don’t Want To Do What Everyone Else Is Doing

 Zechariah Lee
Zechariah Lee

I don’t want to wake up every day, drive to a job I don’t like, sit in traffic and force a smile to get through another day at work, pretending that I like my colleagues, pretending that my boss is the smartest person in the room and pretending that this job is not slowly killing me.

I don’t want to be guarded, I don’t want to wait a few days before I text someone I like, or wait a certain amount of time to tell them how I feel and I don’t want to play a part in the modern dating drama, I don’t want a character that doesn’t represent me.

I don’t want to act like I’m happy when I’m sad and I don’t want to associate sadness or tears with weakness, I don’t want the world to tell me it’s wrong to feel or it’s wrong to hurt.

I want to be free to be myself. I want to accept myself for who I am and I want the world to let me do so without making me feel guilty or judging me.

I want the world to have more room for people like me.

The ones who don’t always get it right but they never give up.

The ones who don’t always say the right thing but they say the real thing.

The ones who don’t always know where they belong because they don’t want to settle.

The ones who do not always win but they still play.

The ones who make more mistakes than wise decisions.

The ones who have a hard time figuring themselves out but they’re still searching.

The ones who still believe in fairytales, in dreams coming true, in miracles happening and the ones who still believe that they can change the world — at least their world.

Because the one good thing about those who don’t want to be like everyone else is that they know how to make a difference. 

They change lives, they do unconventional things, they dream, they try and fail and try again. They believe, they fight, they run and they fly.

I want to be the one who dares, the one who makes things happen and the one who still knows how to love someone unconditionally.

And I want to be someone you’ll always remember, someone you randomly met but couldn’t forget, someone who touched your life in some way.

I want to be remembered long after I’m gone as someone who didn’t want to be like everyone else so she became boldly herself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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